Christopher R. Weber
Christopher R. Weber
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The tight junction protein complex undergoes rapid and continuous molecular remodeling at steady state
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Intracellular Na+ Concentration Is Elevated in Heart Failure But Na/K Pump Function Is Unchanged
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Claudin-1 and claudin-2 expression is elevated in inflammatory bowel disease and may contribute to early neoplastic transformation
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Microbial signals drive pre-leukaemic myeloproliferation in a Tet2-deficient host
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Na+-Ca2+ Exchange Current and Submembrane [Ca2+] During the Cardiac Action Potential
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Targeted deletion of MyD88 in intestinal epithelial cells results in compromised antibacterial immunity associated with downregulation of polymeric immunoglobulin receptor …
AL Frantz, EW Rogier, CR Weber, L Shen, DA Cohen, LA Fenton, ...
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Author Correction: Integrated molecular subtyping defines a curable oligometastatic state in colorectal liver metastasis
SP Pitroda, NN Khodarev, L Huang, A Uppal, SC Wightman, S Ganai, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 4827, 2018
Integrated molecular subtyping defines a curable oligometastatic state in colorectal liver metastasis
SP Pitroda, NN Khodarev, L Huang, A Uppal, SC Wightman, S Ganai, ...
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Dynamic regulation of sodium/calcium exchange function in human heart failure
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