Qiuzhuang Sun
Qiuzhuang Sun
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Comprehensive metabolomics expands precision medicine for triple-negative breast cancer
Y Xiao, D Ma, YS Yang, F Yang, JH Ding, Y Gong, L Jiang, LP Ge, SY Wu, ...
Cell research 32 (5), 477-490, 2022
Optimal inspection and replacement policies for multi-unit systems subject to degradation
Q Sun, ZS Ye, N Chen
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Managing component degradation in series systems for balancing degradation through reallocation and maintenance
Q Sun, ZS Ye, X Zhu
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Designing mission abort strategies based on early-warning information: Application to UAV
L Yang, Q Sun, ZS Ye
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Joint modeling of degradation and lifetime data for RUL prediction of deteriorating products
J Hu, Q Sun, ZS Ye, Q Zhou
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Reliability analysis of repairable systems with recurrent misuse-induced failures and normal-operation failures
W Peng, L Shen, Y Shen, Q Sun
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Condition-based maintenance planning for systems subject to dependent soft and hard failures
J Hu, Q Sun, ZS Ye
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Scheduling preventive maintenance considering the saturation effect
Q Sun, ZS Ye, W Peng
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Statistical modeling of multivariate destructive degradation tests with blocking
Q Sun, ZS Ye, Y Hong
Technometrics 62 (4), 536-548, 2020
Reliability modeling of infrastructure load-sharing systems with workload adjustment
Q Sun, ZS Ye, M Revie, L Walls
IEEE Transactions on Reliability 68 (4), 1283-1295, 2019
Optimal multi-type inspection policy for systems with imperfect online monitoring
X Liu, Q Sun, ZS Ye, M Yildirim
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Thermohydraulic analysis of a new fin pattern derived from topology optimized heat sink structures
S Zeng, Q Sun, PS Lee
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 147, 118909, 2020
Sequential degradation-based burn-in test with multiple periodic inspections
J Hu, Q Sun, ZS Ye, X Ling
Frontiers of Engineering Management 8 (4), 519-530, 2021
Replacement and repair optimization for production systems under random production waits
J Hu, Q Sun, ZS Ye
IEEE Transactions on Reliability 71 (4), 1488-1500, 2021
Online routing for smart electricity network under hybrid uncertainty
J Xu, Q Sun, H Mo, D Dong
Automatica 145, 110538, 2022
Discussion on “Challenges and new methods for designing reliability experiments”
ZS Ye, Q Sun
Quality Engineering 31 (1), 125-128, 2019
Sequential Bayesian Planning for Accelerated Degradation Tests Considering Sensor Degradation
K He, Q Sun, M Xie, W Kuo
IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 2022
Robust condition‐based production and maintenance planning for degradation management
Q Sun, P Chen, X Wang, ZS Ye
Production and Operations Management, 2023
Robust Statistical Modeling of Heterogeneity for Repairable Systems Using Multivariate Gaussian Convolution Processes
D Cui, Q Sun, M Xie
IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 2023
Robust Data-Driven Design of a Smart Cardiac Arrest Response System
W Liu, Q Sun, LC Tang, Z Ye
Available at SSRN 4590433, 2022
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