Olav Schiemann
Olav Schiemann
Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Bonn, Germany
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Long-range distance determinations in biomacromolecules by EPR spectroscopy
O Schiemann, TF Prisner
Quarterly reviews of biophysics 40 (1), 1-53, 2007
Femtosecond direct observation of charge transfer between bases in DNA
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O Schiemann, P Cekan, D Margraf, TF Prisner, ST Sigurdsson
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N Piton, Y Mu, G Stock, TF Prisner, O Schiemann, JW Engels
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Antiferromagnetic Coupling of Stacked CuII–Salen Complexes in DNA
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O Schiemann, NJ Turro, JK Barton
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PELDOR Spectroscopy Distance Fingerprinting of the Octameric Outer‐Membrane Protein Wza from Escherichia coli.
G Hagelueken, WJ Ingledew, H Huang, B Petrovic‐Stojanovska, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 48 (16), 2904-2906, 2009
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