Bruce L Webber
Bruce L Webber
CSIRO | The University of Western Australia
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CliMond: global high‐resolution historical and future scenario climate surfaces for bioclimatic modelling
DJ Kriticos, BL Webber, A Leriche, N Ota, I Macadam, J Bathols, JK Scott
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3 (1), 53-64, 2012
Modelling horses for novel climate courses: insights from projecting potential distributions of native and alien Australian acacias with correlative and mechanistic models
BL Webber, CJ Yates, DC Le Maitre, JK Scott, DJ Kriticos, N Ota, ...
Diversity and Distributions 17 (5), 978-1000, 2011
Is CRISPR-based gene drive a biocontrol silver bullet or global conservation threat?
BL Webber, S Raghu, OR Edwards
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (34), 10565-10567, 2015
Here be dragons: a tool for quantifying novelty due to covariate range and correlation change when projecting species distribution models
MB Mesgaran, RD Cousens, BL Webber
Diversity and Distributions 20 (10), 1147-1159, 2014
New Guinea has the world’s richest island flora
R Cámara-Leret, DG Frodin, F Adema, C Anderson, MS Appelhans, ...
Nature 584 (7822), 579-583, 2020
Invasion trajectory of alien trees: the role of introduction pathway and planting history
JE Donaldson, C Hui, DM Richardson, MP Robertson, BL Webber, ...
Global Change Biology 20 (5), 1527-1537, 2014
Rapid global change: implications for defining natives and aliens
BL Webber, JK Scott
Global Ecology and Biogeography 21 (3), 305-311, 2012
The ecological importance of crocodylians: towards evidence‐based justification for their conservation
R Somaweera, J Nifong, A Rosenblatt, ML Brien, X Combrink, RM Elsey, ...
Biological Reviews 95 (4), 936-959, 2020
Comment on “Climatic niche shifts are rare among terrestrial plant invaders”
BL Webber, DC Le Maitre, DJ Kriticos
Science 338 (6104), 193, 2012
Predicting the subspecific identity of invasive species using distribution models: Acacia saligna as an example
GD Thompson, MP Robertson, BL Webber, DM Richardson, JJ Le Roux, ...
Diversity and Distributions 17 (5), 1001-1014, 2011
A standardized set of metrics to assess and monitor tree invasions
JRU Wilson, P Caplat, IA Dickie, C Hui, BD Maxwell, MA Nunez, ...
Biological Invasions 16 (3), 535-551, 2014
Contain or eradicate? Optimizing the management goal for Australian acacia invasions in the face of uncertainty
JL Moore, MC Runge, BL Webber, JRU Wilson
Diversity and Distributions 17 (5), 1047-1059, 2011
Cassowary frugivory, seed defleshing and fruit fly infestation influence the transition from seed to seedling in the rare Australian rainforest tree, Ryparosa sp. nov. 1 …
BL Webber, IE Woodrow
Functional Plant Biology 31 (5), 505-516, 2004
Translocation or bust! A new acclimatization agenda for the 21st century?
BL Webber, JK Scott, RK Didham
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 26 (10), 495-496, 2011
Agricultural weed research: a critique and two proposals
SM Ward, RD Cousens, MV Bagavathiannan, JN Barney, HJ Beckie, ...
Weed Science 62 (4), 672-678, 2014
AdaptNRM Weeds and climate change: supporting weed management adaptation
JK Scott, BL Webber, H Murphy, N Ota, DJ Kriticos, B Loechel
CSIRO, Canberra, www. AdaptNRM. org, 2014
Logging increases the functional and phylogenetic dispersion of understorey plant communities in tropical lowland rain forest
TF Döbert, BL Webber, JB Sugau, KJM Dickinson, RK Didham
Journal of Ecology 105 (5), 1235-1245, 2017
The diversity of ant–plant interactions in the rainforest understorey tree, Ryparosa (Achariaceae): food bodies, domatia, prostomata, and hemipteran trophobionts
BL Webber, J Moog, ASO Curtis, IE Woodrow
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 154 (3), 353-371, 2007
To core, or not to core: the impact of coring on tree health and a best‐practice framework for collecting dendrochronological information from living trees
EWJ Tsen, T Sitzia, BL Webber
Biological Reviews 91 (4), 899-924, 2016
Chemical and physical plant defence across multiple ontogenetic stages in a tropical rain forest understorey tree
BL Webber, IE Woodrow
Journal of Ecology 97 (4), 761-771, 2009
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