Matthias Festag
Matthias Festag
Patvirtintas el. paštas
A European pharmaceutical company initiative challenging the regulatory requirement for acute toxicity studies in pharmaceutical drug development
S Robinson, JL Delongeas, E Donald, D Dreher, M Festag, S Kervyn, ...
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 50 (3), 345-352, 2008
An in vitro embryotoxicity assay based on the disturbance of the differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells into endothelial cells. I: Establishment of the differentiation …
M Festag, C Sehner, P Steinberg, B Viertel
Toxicology in Vitro 21 (8), 1619-1630, 2007
A global pharmaceutical company initiative: An evidence-based approach to define the upper limit of body weight loss in short term toxicity studies
K Chapman, F Sewell, L Allais, JL Delongeas, E Donald, M Festag, ...
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Characterization of a re-engineered, mesothelin-targeted Pseudomonas exotoxin fusion protein for lung cancer therapy
F Bauss, M Lechmann, BF Krippendorff, R Staack, F Herting, M Festag, ...
Molecular oncology 10 (8), 1317-1329, 2016
Inhibition of EGF uptake by nephrotoxic antisense drugs in vitro and implications for preclinical safety profiling
A Moisan, M Gubler, JD Zhang, Y Tessier, KD Erichsen, S Sewing, ...
Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids 6, 89-105, 2017
Pediatric safety of polysorbates in drug formulations
C Kriegel, M Festag, RSK Kishore, D Roethlisberger, G Schmitt
Children 7 (1), 1, 2020
Recommendations from a global cross-company data sharing initiative on the incorporation of recovery phase animals in safety assessment studies to support first-in-human …
F Sewell, K Chapman, P Baldrick, D Brewster, A Broadmeadow, P Brown, ...
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 70 (1), 413-429, 2014
Assessment of the Genotoxic Potential of Azidothymidine in the Comet, Micronucleus, and Pig-a Assay
M Guérard, J Koenig, M Festag, SD Dertinger, T Singer, G Schmitt, ...
toxicological sciences 135 (2), 309-316, 2013
Interspecies variation of outer retina and choriocapillaris imaged with optical coherence tomography
P Soukup, P Maloca, B Altmann, M Festag, EA Atzpodien, S Pot
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 60 (10), 3332-3342, 2019
From the cover: The minipig is a suitable Non-Rodent model in the safety assessment of single stranded oligonucleotides
A Braendli-Baiocco, M Festag, K Dumong Erichsen, R Persson, ...
Toxicological Sciences 157 (1), 112-128, 2017
Vehicle systems and excipients used in minipig drug development studies
ML Weaver, AB Grossi, J Schützsack, J Parish, J Løgsted, IB Bøgh, ...
Toxicologic Pathology 44 (3), 367-372, 2016
Assessment of preclinical liver and skeletal muscle biomarkers following clofibrate administration in Wistar rats
P Maliver, M Festag, M Bennecke, F Christen, B Bánfai, B Lenz, M Winter
Toxicologic pathology 45 (4), 506-525, 2017
Safety, tissue distribution, and metabolism of LNA-containing antisense oligonucleotides in rats
F Romero-Palomo, M Festag, B Lenz, S Schadt, A Brink, A Kipar, ...
Toxicologic pathology 49 (6), 1174-1192, 2021
Genotoxicity testing of peptides: folate deprivation as a marker of exaggerated pharmacology
M Guérard, A Zeller, M Festag, C Schubert, T Singer, L Müller
Toxicology and applied pharmacology 279 (3), 419-427, 2014
Morphologic and functional effects of gamma secretase inhibition on splenic marginal zone B cells
MC de Vera Mudry, F Regenass-Lechner, L Ozmen, B Altmann, M Festag, ...
International journal of Alzheimer’s disease 2012, 2012
Effect of 4-chlorobiphenyls as an initiator of rat liver carcinogenesis
P Espandiari, TP Twaroski, M Festag, EY Lee, HP Glauert, LW Robertson
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Emesis in minipigs and relevance in nonclinical safety testing.
G. Schmitt, M. Festag, S. Roberts
Göttingen Minipigs magazine 63, 6-9, 2022
Cardiovascular effects of RTR2996, a single stranded oligonucleotide, in the minipig
S Roberts, A Greiter-Wilke, D Waiz, R Jenni, C Weile, M Zihlmann, ...
Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods 99, 106595, 2019
Antisense oligonucleotides–recent advances in preclinical safety assessment
M Festag
Toxicology Letters 295, S23, 2018
Preclinical assessment of a selective and potent γ-secretase inhibitor in a non-rodent species
MCDV Mudry, M Festag, L Müller
Toxicology Letters, S313, 2016
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