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Butterfly cluster like lamellar BiOBr/TiO2 nanocomposite for enhanced sunlight photocatalytic mineralization of aqueous ciprofloxacin.
Jamshaid Rashid*, Ammara Abbas, Leng Chang, Aneela Iqbal, Ihsan-ul-Haq ...
Science of the Total Environment 665 (May 2019), 668-677, 2019
Zero valent Ag deposited TiO2 for the efficient photocatalysis of methylene blue under UV-C light irradiation
R Kumar, J Rashid, MA Barakat
Colloids and Interface Science Communications 5, 1-4, 2015
Fe 3 O 4/SiO 2/TiO 2 nanoparticles for photocatalytic degradation of 2-chlorophenol in simulated wastewater
Jamshaid Rashid, M.A. Barakat, Y. Ruzmanova, A. Chianese
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22 (4), 3149-3157, 2015
Enhancement of photocatalytic activity of zinc/cobalt spinel oxides by doping with ZrO2 for visible light photocatalytic degradation of 2-chlorophenol in wastewater
Jamshaid Rashid, M.A. Barakat, R.M. Mohamed, I.A. Ibrahim
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 284, 1-7, 2014
Synthesis and characterization of a starch – AlOOH – FeS2 nanocomposite for the adsorption of congo red dye from aqueous solution
Rajeev Kumar, Jamshaid Rashid, MA Barakat
RSC Advances 4 (72), 38334–38340, 2014
Synthesis using natural functionalization of activated carbon from pumpkin peels for decolourization of aqueous methylene blue
Jamshaid Rashid, FakhraTehreem, Adeela Rehman, RajeevKumar
Science of The Total Environment, 2019
One‐pot Synthesis of Heterobimetallic Metal‐Organic Frameworks (MOF) for Multifunctional Catalysis
Bushra Iqbal, Murtaza Saleem, Salman Noshear Arshad, Jamshaid Rashid, Naveed ...
Chemistry - A European Journal 25 (44), 10490-10498, 2019
Pt nanoparticles/TiO2 for photocatalytic degradation of phenols in wastewater
M.A. Barakat, R.I. Al-Hutailah, E. Qayyum, Jamshaid Rashid, J.N. Kuhn
Environmental technology 35 (2), 137-144, 2014
InVO 4/TiO 2 composite for visible-light photocatalytic degradation of 2-chlorophenol in wastewater
Jamshaid Rashid, M.A. Barakat,S.L. Pettit, J.N. Kuhn
Environmental technology 35 (17), 2153-2159, 2014
ZnO-nanoparticles thin films synthesized by RF sputtering for photocatalytic degradation of 2-chlorophenol in synthetic wastewater
Jamshaid Rashid, M. A. Barakat, Numan Salah,Sami S.Habib
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 23 (March 2015), 134–139, 2015
Ag/ZnO nanoparticles thin films as visible light photocatalysts
Jamshaid Rashid, M.A. Barakat, Numan Salah, Sami Saeed Habib
RSC Advances 4 (100), 56892-56899, 2014
Stabilized fabrication of anatase-TiO2/FeS2 (Pyrite) semiconductor composite nanocrystals for enhanced solar light-mediated photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue
Jamshaid Rashid*, Sahar Saleem, Saif Ullah Awan, A. Iqbal, Rajeev Kumar, M ...
RSC Advances 8 (22), 11935 - 11945, 2018
Synthesis and characterization of S-doped-rGO/ZnS nanocomposite for the photocatalytic degradation of 2-chlorophenol and disinfection of real dairy wastewater
Z. O. Alafif, Muzammil Anjum, Mohammad Omaish Ansari, Rajeev Kumar, Jamshaid ...
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2019
Development of plant-microbe phytoremediation system for petroleum hydrocarbon degradation: An insight from alkb gene expression and phytotoxicity analysis
Aneela Iqbal, Maitreyee Mukherjee, Jamshaid Rashid, Saud Ahmed Khan ...
Science of the Total Environment 671, 696-704, 2019
g‐C3N4/CeO2/Fe3O4 Ternary Composite as an Efficient Bifunctional Catalyst for Overall Water Splitting
J Rashid, N Parveen, T Haq, A Iqbal, SH Talib, SU Awan, N Hussain, ...
ChemCatChem 10 (24), 5587-5592, 2018
Structural, optical, electronic and magnetic properties of multiphase ZnO/Zn (OH) 2/ZnO2 nanocomposites and hexagonal prism shaped ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by pulse laser …
Saif Ullah Awan, S.K. Hasanain, Jamshaid Rashid, Shahzad Hussain, Saqlain A ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 211, 510-521, 2018
Facile synthesis of g-C3N4(0.94)/CeO2(0.05)/Fe3O4(0.01) nanosheets for DFT supported visible photocatalysis of 2-Chlorophenol
J Rashid, N Parveen, A Iqbal, SU Awan, N Iqbal, SH Talib, N Hussain, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 10202, 2019
Adsorption of chromium (VI) from wastewater by anion exchange Resin
Jamshaid Rashid, M.A. Barakat, M.A. Alghamdi
J Adv Cataly Sci Technol 1, 2-9, 2014
Diesel degrading bacterial endophytes with plant growth promoting potential isolated from a petroleum storage facility
Aneela Iqbal, Muhammad Arshad, Raghupathy Karthikeyan,Terry J. Gentry ...
3 Biotech, 2019
A facile synthesis of bismuth oxychloride-graphene oxide composite for visible light photocatalysis of aqueous diclofenac sodium
J Rashid, S Karim, R Kumar, MA Barakat, B Akram, N Hussain, HB Bin, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 14191, 2020
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