Eva Krupp
Eva Krupp
Aberdeen, Essen, Pau, CNRS
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Critical review or scientific opinion paper: arsenosugars—a class of benign arsenic species or justification for developing partly speciated arsenic fractionation in foodstuffs?
J Feldmann, EM Krupp
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 399, 1735-1741, 2011
Interactions between groundwater and surface water at river banks and the confluence of rivers
L Lambs
Journal of Hydrology 288 (3-4), 312-326, 2004
Field fluxes and speciation of arsines emanating from soils
A Mestrot, J Feldmann, EM Krupp, MS Hossain, G Roman-Ross, ...
Environmental science & technology 45 (5), 1798-1804, 2011
Quantitative and qualitative trapping of arsines deployed to assess loss of volatile arsenic from paddy soil
A Mestrot, MK Uroic, T Plantevin, MR Islam, EM Krupp, J Feldmann, ...
Environmental science & technology 43 (21), 8270-8275, 2009
Metal (loid) organic compounds in geothermal gases and waters
AV Hirner, J Feldmann, E Krupp, R Gruemping, R Goguel, WR Cullen
Organic Geochemistry 29 (5-7), 1765-1778, 1998
Identification and quantification of arsenolipids using reversed-phase HPLC coupled simultaneously to high-resolution ICPMS and high-resolution electrospray MS without species …
KO Amayo, A Petursdottir, C Newcombe, H Gunnlaugsdottir, A Raab, ...
Analytical Chemistry 83 (9), 3589-3595, 2011
Speciation without chromatography using selective hydride generation: inorganic arsenic in rice and samples of marine origin
S Musil, ÁH Pétursdóttir, A Raab, H Gunnlaugsdóttir, E Krupp, J Feldmann
Analytical chemistry 86 (2), 993-999, 2014
High resolution sector field ICP-MS and multicollector ICP-MS as tools for trace metal speciation in environmental studies: a review
M Moldovan, EM Krupp, AE Holliday, OFX Donard
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 19 (7), 815-822, 2004
Application of isotopically labeled methylmercury for isotope dilution analysis of biological samples using gas chromatography/ICPMS
RC Rodriguez Martin-Doimeadios, E Krupp, D Amouroux, OFX Donard
Analytical Chemistry 74 (11), 2505-2512, 2002
Investigation into mercury bound to biothiols: structural identification using ESI–ion-trap MS and introduction of a method for their HPLC separation with simultaneous …
EM Krupp, BF Milne, A Mestrot, AA Meharg, J Feldmann
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 390, 1753-1764, 2008
Speciation of metals and metalloids in sediments with LTGC/ICP-MS
EM Krupp, R Grümping, URR Furchtbar, AV Hirner
Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry 354, 546-549, 1996
The molecular form of mercury in biota: identification of novel mercury peptide complexes in plants
EM Krupp, A Mestrot, J Wielgus, AA Meharg, J Feldmann
Chemical Communications, 4257-4259, 2009
In vivo formation of natural HgSe nanoparticles in the liver and brain of pilot whales
Z Gajdosechova, MM Lawan, DS Urgast, A Raab, KG Scheckel, E Lombi, ...
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 34361, 2016
Using speciated isotope dilution with GC− inductively coupled plasma MS to determine and unravel the artificial formation of monomethylmercury in certified reference sediments
RC Rodriguez Martin-Doimeadios, M Monperrus, E Krupp, D Amouroux, ...
Analytical chemistry 75 (13), 3202-3211, 2003
Volatile metal species in coal combustion flue gas
MP Pavageau, C Pécheyran, EM Krupp, A Morin, OFX Donard
Environmental science & technology 36 (7), 1561-1573, 2002
Ancient copper and lead pollution records from a raised bog complex in Central Wales, UK
TM Mighall, S Timberlake, IDL Foster, E Krupp, S Singh
Journal of archaeological science 36 (7), 1504-1515, 2009
Novel identification of arsenolipids using chemical derivatizations in conjunction with RP-HPLC-ICPMS/ESMS
KO Amayo, A Raab, EM Krupp, H Gunnlaugsdottir, J Feldmann
Analytical chemistry 85 (19), 9321-9327, 2013
Potential and limits of speciated isotope-dilution analysis for metrology and assessing environmental reactivity
M Monperrus, E Krupp, D Amouroux, OFX Donard, ...
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 23 (3), 261-272, 2004
Comparison of gas chromatographic hyphenated techniques for mercury speciation analysis
JJB Nevado, RCR Martín-Doimeadios, EM Krupp, FJG Bernardo, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1218 (28), 4545-4551, 2011
Atmospheric stability of arsines and the determination of their oxidative products in atmospheric aerosols (PM 10): evidence of the widespread phenomena of biovolatilization of …
R Jakob, A Roth, K Haas, EM Krupp, A Raab, P Smichowski, D Gómez, ...
Journal of Environmental Monitoring 12 (2), 409-416, 2010
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