Abhrajyoti Ghosh
Abhrajyoti Ghosh
Associate Professor, Bose Institute, Kolkata
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Biofertilizers: a potential approach for sustainable agriculture development
T Mahanty, S Bhattacharjee, M Goswami, P Bhattacharyya, B Das, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24, 3315-3335, 2017
Identification and characterization of a vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolated from Kolkata (South Asia)
B Saha, AK Singh, A Ghosh, M Bal
Journal of medical microbiology 57 (1), 72-79, 2008
Effective rhizoinoculation and biofilm formation by arsenic immobilizing halophilic plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) isolated from mangrove rhizosphere: A step towards …
I Mallick, C Bhattacharyya, S Mukherji, D Dey, SC Sarkar, ...
Sci Total Environ. 611, 1239-1250, 2017
Antimicrobial activities of actinomycetes isolated from unexplored regions of Sundarbans mangrove ecosystem
S Sengupta, A Pramanik, A Ghosh, M Bhattacharyya
BMC microbiology 15, 1-16, 2015
Culture independent molecular analysis of bacterial communities in the mangrove sediment of Sundarban, India
A Ghosh, N Dey, A Bera, A Tiwari, KB Sathyaniranjan, K Chakrabarti, ...
Saline systems 6, 1-11, 2010
Evaluation of plant growth promotion properties and induction of antioxidative defense mechanism by tea rhizobacteria of Darjeeling, India
C Bhattacharyya, S Banerjee, U Acharya, A Mitra, I Mallick, A Haldar, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 15536, 2020
Genome-Guided Insights into the Plant Growth Promotion Capabilities of the Physiologically Versatile Bacillus aryabhattai Strain AB211
C Bhattacharyya, U Bakshi, I Mallick, S Mukherji, B Bera, A Ghosh
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 411, 2017
Molecular analysis of the crenarchaeal flagellum
K Lassak, T Neiner, A Ghosh, A Klingl, R Wirth, SV Albers
Molecular microbiology 83 (1), 110-124, 2012
Insights into FlaI functions in archaeal motor assembly and motility from structures, conformations, and genetics
S Reindl, A Ghosh, GJ Williams, K Lassak, T Neiner, AL Henche, ...
Molecular cell 49 (6), 1069-1082, 2013
Influence of cell surface structures on crenarchaeal biofilm formation using a thermostable green fluorescent protein
AL Henche, A Koerdt, A Ghosh, SV Albers
Environmental microbiology 14 (3), 779-793, 2012
Degradation of raw feather by a novel high molecular weight extracellular protease from newly isolated Bacillus cereus DCUW
A Ghosh, K Chakrabarti, D Chattopadhyay
Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 35 (8), 825-834, 2008
Archaeal type IV pilus-like structures—evolutionarily conserved prokaryotic surface organelles
M Pohlschroder, A Ghosh, M Tripepi, SV Albers
Current opinion in microbiology 14 (3), 357-363, 2011
Bacterial diversity of east Calcutta wet land area: possible identification of potential bacterial population for different biotechnological uses
A Ghosh, B Maity, K Chakrabarti, D Chattopadhyay
Microbial ecology 54, 452-459, 2007
Spatiotemporal analysis of bacterial diversity in sediments of Sundarbans using parallel 16S rRNA gene tag sequencing
P Basak, NS Majumder, S Nag, A Bhattacharyya, D Roy, A Chakraborty, ...
Microbial ecology 69, 500-511, 2015
Structure and function of the adhesive type IV pilus of Sulfolobus acidocaldarius
AL Henche, A Ghosh, X Yu, T Jeske, E Egelman, SV Albers
Environmental microbiology 14 (12), 3188-3202, 2012
Bacterial diversity assessment of pristine mangrove microbial community from Dhulibhashani, Sundarbans using 16S rRNA gene tag sequencing
P Basak, A Pramanik, S Sengupta, S Nag, A Bhattacharyya, D Roy, ...
Genomics data 7, 76-78, 2016
Assembly and function of the archaeal flagellum
A Ghosh, SV Albers
Biochemical Society Transactions 39 (1), 64-69, 2011
Archaeal flagellar ATPase motor shows ATP-dependent hexameric assembly and activity stimulation by specific lipid binding
A Ghosh, S Hartung, C van Der Does, JA Tainer, SV Albers
Biochemical Journal 437 (1), 43-52, 2011
Diversity and distribution of Archaea in the mangrove sediment of Sundarbans
A Bhattacharyya, NS Majumder, P Basak, S Mukherji, D Roy, S Nag, ...
Archaea 2015 (1), 968582, 2015
Diversity, assembly and regulation of archaeal type IV pili-like and non-type-IV pili-like surface structures
K Lassak, A Ghosh, SV Albers
Research in microbiology 163 (9-10), 630-644, 2012
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