Tim R Blower
Tim R Blower
Patvirtintas el. paštas
The phage abortive infection system, ToxIN, functions as a protein–RNA toxin–antitoxin pair
PC Fineran, TR Blower, IJ Foulds, DP Humphreys, KS Lilley, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (3), 894-899, 2009
Identification and classification of bacterial Type III toxin–antitoxin systems encoded in chromosomal and plasmid genomes
TR Blower, FL Short, F Rao, K Mizuguchi, XY Pei, PC Fineran, BF Luisi, ...
Nucleic acids research 40 (13), 6158-6173, 2012
Crystal structure and stability of gyrase–fluoroquinolone cleaved complexes from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
TR Blower, BH Williamson, RJ Kerns, JM Berger
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (7), 1706-1713, 2016
A processed noncoding RNA regulates an altruistic bacterial antiviral system
TR Blower, XY Pei, FL Short, PC Fineran, DP Humphreys, BF Luisi, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 18 (2), 185-190, 2011
Balancing at survival's edge: the structure and adaptive benefits of prokaryotic toxin–antitoxin partners
TR Blower, GPC Salmond, BF Luisi
Current opinion in structural biology 21 (1), 109-118, 2011
Viral evasion of a bacterial suicide system by RNA–based molecular mimicry enables infectious altruism
TR Blower, TJ Evans, R Przybilski, PC Fineran, GPC Salmond
Public Library of Science 8 (10), e1003023, 2012
Mutagenesis and Functional Characterization of the RNA and Protein Components of the toxIN Abortive Infection and Toxin-Antitoxin Locus of Erwinia
TR Blower, PC Fineran, MJ Johnson, IK Toth, DP Humphreys, ...
Journal of bacteriology 191 (19), 6029-6039, 2009
Selectivity and self-assembly in the control of a bacterial toxin by an antitoxic noncoding RNA pseudoknot
FL Short, XY Pei, TR Blower, SL Ong, PC Fineran, BF Luisi, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (3), E241-E249, 2013
Fluoroquinolone interactions with Mycobacterium tuberculosis gyrase: Enhancing drug activity against wild-type and resistant gyrase
KJ Aldred, TR Blower, RJ Kerns, JM Berger, N Osheroff
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (7), E839-E846, 2016
Evolution of Pectobacterium bacteriophage ΦM1 to escape two bifunctional type III toxin-antitoxin and abortive infection systems through mutations in a single viral gene
TR Blower, R Chai, R Przybilski, S Chindhy, X Fang, SE Kidman, H Tan, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 83 (8), e03229-16, 2017
The phage defence island of a multidrug resistant plasmid uses both BREX and type IV restriction for complementary protection from viruses
DM Picton, YA Luyten, RD Morgan, A Nelson, DL Smith, DTF Dryden, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 49 (19), 11257-11273, 2021
Co-evolution of quaternary organization and novel RNA tertiary interactions revealed in the crystal structure of a bacterial protein–RNA toxin–antitoxin system
F Rao, FL Short, JE Voss, TR Blower, AL Orme, TE Whittaker, BF Luisi, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 43 (19), 9529-9540, 2015
A nucleotidyltransferase toxin inhibits growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis through inactivation of tRNA acceptor stems
Y Cai, B Usher, C Gutierrez, A Tolcan, M Mansour, PC Fineran, C Condon, ...
Science advances 6 (31), eabb6651, 2020
Mechanism of Action of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Gyrase Inhibitors: A Novel Class of Gyrase Poisons
EG Gibson, TR Blower, M Cacho, B Bax, JM Berger, N Osheroff
ACS infectious diseases 4 (8), 1211-1222, 2018
Anticancer RuII and RhIII Piano‐Stool Complexes that are Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors
JM Cross, TR Blower, N Gallagher, JH Gill, KL Rockley, JW Walton
ChemPlusChem 81 (12), 1276-1280, 2016
AbiEi binds cooperatively to the type IV abiE toxin–antitoxin operator via a positively-charged surface and causes DNA bending and negative autoregulation
HG Hampton, SA Jackson, RD Fagerlund, AIM Vogel, RL Dy, TR Blower, ...
Journal of molecular biology 430 (8), 1141-1156, 2018
Recognition of DNA Supercoil Geometry by Mycobacterium tuberculosis Gyrase
RE Ashley, TR Blower, JM Berger, N Osheroff
Biochemistry 56 (40), 5440-5448, 2017
A promiscuous antitoxin of bacteriophage T4 ensures successful viral replication
FL Short, TR Blower, GPC Salmond
Molecular microbiology 83 (4), 665-668, 2012
A widespread family of WYL-domain transcriptional regulators co-localizes with diverse phage defence systems and islands
DM Picton, JD Harling-Lee, SJ Duffner, SC Went, RD Morgan, JCD Hinton, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 50 (9), 5191-5207, 2022
DNA driven self-assembly of micron-sized rods using DNA-grafted bacteriophage fd virions
RR Unwin, RA Cabanas, T Yanagishima, TR Blower, H Takahashi, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (12), 8194-8202, 2015
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