Benedikt Boecking
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End-to-End Weak Supervision
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Always Lurking: Understanding and Mitigating Bias in Online Human Trafficking Detection
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Weak supervision for affordable modeling of electrocardiogram data
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Pairwise Feedback for Data Programming
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Generative Modeling Helps Weak Supervision (and Vice Versa)
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Killings of social leaders in the Colombian post-conflict: Data analysis for investigative journalism
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MS-CXR-T: Learning to Exploit Temporal Structure for Biomedical Vision-Language Processing
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Constrained Clustering and Multiple Kernel Learning without Pairwise Constraint Relaxation
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Predicting Events Surrounding the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 Using Learning Algorithms on Micro Blog Data
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Learning with Diverse Forms of Imperfect and Indirect Supervision
B Boecking
Carnegie Mellon University, 2023
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