Gisle Vestergaard
Gisle Vestergaard
Senior Microbiome Scientist @ Chr. Hansen
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Analysis of soil microbial communities based on amplicon sequencing of marker genes
A Schöler, S Jacquiod, G Vestergaard, S Schulz, M Schloter
Biology and fertility of soils 53, 485-489, 2017
Transitory microbial habitat in the hyperarid Atacama Desert
D Schulze-Makuch, D Wagner, SP Kounaves, K Mangelsdorf, KG Devine, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (11), 2670-2675, 2018
Independent virus development outside a host
M Häring, G Vestergaard, R Rachel, L Chen, RA Garrett, D Prangishvili
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Making big data smart—how to use metagenomics to understand soil quality
G Vestergaard, S Schulz, A Schöler, M Schloter
Biology and Fertility of Soils 53, 479-484, 2017
CRISPR adaptive immune systems of Archaea
G Vestergaard, SA Shah, RA Garrett
RNA Biology 11 (2), 156-167, 2014
Structural and genomic properties of the hyperthermophilic archaeal virus ATV with an extracellular stage of the reproductive cycle
D Prangishvili, G Vestergaard, M Häring, R Aramayo, T Basta, R Rachel, ...
Journal of molecular biology 359 (5), 1203-1216, 2006
Archaeal CRISPR-based immune systems: exchangeable functional modules
RA Garrett, G Vestergaard, SA Shah
Trends in microbiology 19 (11), 549-556, 2011
Oral administration of antibiotics increased the potential mobility of bacterial resistance genes in the gut of the fish Piaractus mesopotamicus
JS Sáenz, TV Marques, RSC Barone, JEP Cyrino, S Kublik, J Nesme, ...
Microbiome 7 (1), 1-14, 2019
Delivery mode and gut microbial changes correlate with an increased risk of childhood asthma
J Stokholm, J Thorsen, MJ Blaser, MA Rasmussen, M Hjelmsø, S Shah, ...
Science translational medicine 12 (569), eaax9929, 2020
Novel oligonucleotide primers reveal a high diversity of microbes which drive phosphorous turnover in soil
F Bergkemper, S Kublik, F Lang, J Krüger, G Vestergaard, M Schloter, ...
Journal of microbiological methods 125, 91-97, 2016
Amplicon sequencing provides more accurate microbiome information in healthy children compared to culturing
S Gupta, MS Mortensen, S Schjørring, U Trivedi, G Vestergaard, ...
Communications biology 2 (1), 291, 2019
A novel rudivirus, ARV1, of the hyperthermophilic archaeal genus Acidianus
G Vestergaard, M Häring, X Peng, R Rachel, RA Garrett, D Prangishvili
Virology 336 (1), 83-92, 2005
Pollution from azithromycin-manufacturing promotes macrolide-resistance gene propagation and induces spatial and seasonal bacterial community shifts in receiving river sediments
M Milaković, G Vestergaard, JJ González-Plaza, I Petrić, A Šimatović, ...
Environment international 123, 501-511, 2019
Structure and genome organization of AFV2, a novel archaeal lipothrixvirus with unusual terminal and core structures
M Häring, G Vestergaard, K Brügger, R Rachel, RA Garrett, D Prangishvili
Journal of bacteriology 187 (11), 3855-3858, 2005
The infant gut resistome associates with E. coli, environmental exposures, gut microbiome maturity, and asthma-associated bacterial composition
X Li, J Stokholm, A Brejnrod, GA Vestergaard, J Russel, U Trivedi, ...
Cell host & microbe 29 (6), 975-987. e4, 2021
CRISPR-based immune systems of the Sulfolobales: complexity and diversity
RA Garrett, SA Shah, G Vestergaard, L Deng, S Gudbergsdottir, ...
Biochemical Society Transactions 39 (1), 51-57, 2011
The microbiome of endophytic, wood colonizing bacteria from pine trees as affected by pine wilt disease
DN Proença, R Francisco, S Kublik, A Schöler, G Vestergaard, M Schloter, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 4205, 2017
Stygiolobus Rod-Shaped Virus and the Interplay of Crenarchaeal Rudiviruses with the CRISPR Antiviral System
G Vestergaard, SA Shah, A Bize, W Reitberger, M Reuter, H Phan, ...
Journal of bacteriology 190 (20), 6837-6845, 2008
Structure of the Acidianus Filamentous Virus 3 and Comparative Genomics of Related Archaeal Lipothrixviruses
G Vestergaard, R Aramayo, T Basta, M Häring, X Peng, K Brügger, ...
Journal of virology 82 (1), 371-381, 2008
The Influence of Land Use Intensity on the Plant-Associated Microbiome of Dactylis glomerata L.
J Estendorfer, B Stempfhuber, P Haury, G Vestergaard, MC Rillig, J Joshi, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 8 (930), 1-10, 2017
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