Zhihai wang
Zhihai wang
Center for Quantum Sciences, Northeast Normal University
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Single-photon scattering and bound states in an atom-waveguide system with two or multiple coupling points
W Zhao, Z Wang
Physical Review A 101 (5), 053855, 2020
Controllable single-photon frequency converter via a one-dimensional waveguide
ZH Wang, L Zhou, Y Li, CP Sun
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T-shaped single-photon router
J Lu, ZH Wang, L Zhou
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Z Wang, W Wu, J Wang
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XW Xu, LN Song, Q Zheng, ZH Wang, Y Li
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Z Wang, T Jaako, P Kirton, P Rabl
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ZH Wang, Y Li, DL Zhou, CP Sun, P Zhang
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W Cheng, Z Wang, Y Liu
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Z Wang, W Wu, G Cui, J Wang
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D Yan, ZH Wang, CN Ren, H Gao, Y Li, JH Wu
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L Du, MR Cai, JH Wu, Z Wang, Y Li
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H Yu, Z Wang, JH Wu
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ZH Wang, Q Zheng, X Wang, Y Li
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XQ Shao, ZH Wang, HD Liu, XX Yi
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ZH Wang, CP Sun, Y Li
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W Zhao, Y Zhang, Z Wang
arXiv e-prints, arXiv: 2102.03697, 2021
Phase-controlled single-photon nonreciprocal transmission in a one-dimensional waveguide
Z Wang, L Du, Y Li, Y Liu
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𝒫𝒯 symmetric phase transition and photonic transmission in an optical trimer system
LF Xue, ZR Gong, HB Zhu, ZH Wang
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Nonreciprocal amplification in a cavity magnonics system
C Zhao, R Peng, Z Yang, S Chao, C Li, Z Wang, L Zhou
Physical Review A 105 (2), 023709, 2022
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