Iulia Emilia Brumboiu
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XABOOM: An X-Ray Absorption Benchmark of Organic Molecules Based on Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen 1s→ π∗ Transitions
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Lone-Pair Delocalization Effects within Electron Donor Molecules: The Case of Triphenylamine and Its Thiophene-Analog
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Gator: A Python-driven program for spectroscopy simulations using correlated wave functions
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Core–hole delocalization for modeling x-ray spectroscopies: A cautionary tale
IE Brumboiu, T Fransson
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Clarifying the adsorption of triphenylamine on Au (111): filling the HOMO–LUMO gap
T Zhang, PHW Svensson, IE Brumboiu, V Lanzilotto, C Grazioli, ...
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Ligand Effects on the Linear Response Hubbard U: The Case of Transition Metal Phthalocyanines
IE Brumboiu, S Haldar, J Luder, O Eriksson, HC Herper, B Brena, ...
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eChem: A notebook exploration of quantum chemistry
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Atomic photoionization cross sections beyond the electric dipole approximation
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Surface-enhanced Raman effect in ultra-thin CuPc films employing periodic silver nanostructures
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Electronic structure modifications induced by increased molecular complexity: from triphenylamine to m-MTDATA
T Zhang, IE Brumboiu, V Lanzilotto, C Grazioli, A Guarnaccio, ...
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Spectroscopic Evidence of New Low-Dimensional Planar Carbon Allotropes Based on Biphenylene via On-Surface Ullmann Coupling
T Zhang, C Grazioli, H Yang, K Jiang, IE Brumboiu, L Jia, L Liu, C Puglia, ...
Chemistry 3 (3), 1057-1062, 2021
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