Ishant Khurana
Ishant Khurana
Research Scientist at Braskem America Inc.
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Cited by
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Molten salt catalytic compositions and methods for the cracking of carbon-containing feedstocks
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Hydrocarbon Conversion I (Virtual)
I Khurana, J Middaugh, M Duyar
2021 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2021
Emissions Control II: NOx Reduction and Hydrocarbon Oxidation
E Sasmaz, I Khurana, A Shih
2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting, 2020
The greatest challenges that industry faces regarding the use of current catalyst technology.
I Khurana
The Catalyst Review 33 (6), 18, 2020
Influence of Active Site Density and Arrangement on the Kinetics of NOx Selective Catalytic Reduction with NH3 over Cu-CHA Zeolites
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Environmental and Automotive Catalysis II
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Catalytic Consequences of Active Site Speciation, Density, Mobility and Stability on Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx with Ammonia over Cu-Exchanged Zeolites
I Khurana
Purdue University, 2019
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Kinetic Study of the Reduction and Oxidation Half-Cycles during Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx with Ammonia on Cu-SSZ-13
I Khurana, AJ Shih, S LI, C Jones, A Yezerets, WN Delgass, JT Miller, ...
2018 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2018
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