Dominik Koszelewski
Dominik Koszelewski
enzymatic aldol reaction, lipases, cascades, enzyme promiscuity, multicomponent reactions
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ω-Transaminases for the synthesis of non-racemic α-chiral primary amines
D Koszelewski, K Tauber, K Faber, W Kroutil
Trends in biotechnology 28 (6), 324-332, 2010
Formal asymmetric biocatalytic reductive amination
D Koszelewski, I Lavandera, D Clay, GM Guebitz, D Rozzell, W Kroutil
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D Koszelewski, D Pressnitz, D Clay, W Kroutil
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Synthesis of Optically Active Amines Employing Recombinant ω‐Transaminases in E. coli Cells
D Koszelewski, M Göritzer, D Clay, B Seisser, W Kroutil
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Immobilization of ω-transaminases by encapsulation in a sol–gel/celite matrix
D Koszelewski, N Müller, JH Schrittwieser, K Faber, W Kroutil
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M Fuchs, D Koszelewski, K Tauber, W Kroutil, K Faber
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Artificial Multi‐Enzyme Networks for the Asymmetric Amination of sec‐Alcohols
K Tauber, M Fuchs, JH Sattler, J Pitzer, D Pressnitz, D Koszelewski, ...
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Multicomponent reactions accelerated by aqueous micelles
D Paprocki, A Madej, D Koszelewski, A Brodzka, R Ostaszewski
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Hydrogen sulfide in pharmacotherapy, beyond the hydrogen sulfide-donors
E Zaorska, L Tomasova, D Koszelewski, R Ostaszewski, M Ufnal
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D Koszelewski, D Clay, K Faber, W Kroutil
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Dynamics of intramolecular excited state proton transfer in emission tunable, highly luminescent imidazole derivatives
AI Ciuciu, K Skonieczny, D Koszelewski, DT Gryko, L Flamigni
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Improved chemoenzymatic asymmetric synthesis of (S)-Rivastigmine
M Fuchs, D Koszelewski, K Tauber, J Sattler, W Banko, AK Holzer, M Pickl, ...
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Synthesis and linear and nonlinear optical properties of low-melting π-extended porphyrins
D Koszelewski, A Nowak-Król, M Drobizhev, CJ Wilson, JE Haley, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (10), 2044-2053, 2013
Selective Cycloaddition of Tetracyanoethene (TCNE) and 7,7,8,8‐Tetracyano‐p‐quinodimethane (TCNQ) to Afford meso‐Substituted Phenylethynyl Porphyrins
D Koszelewski, A Nowak‐Król, DT Gryko
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Enzymatic desymmetrization of 3-arylglutaric acid anhydrides
A Fryszkowska, M Komar, D Koszelewski, R Ostaszewski
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D Koszelewski, B Grischek, SM Glueck, W Kroutil, K Faber
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Solvent‐free Passerini reactions
D Koszelewski, W Szymanski, J Krysiak, R Ostaszewski
Synthetic Communications 38 (7), 1120-1127, 2008
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