Teixeira, João Paulo
Teixeira, João Paulo
Professor of Engineering, CeDRI - Research Center in Digitalization and Intelligent Robotics
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Vocal acoustic analysis–jitter, shimmer and hnr parameters
JP Teixeira, C Oliveira, C Lopes
Procedia Technology 9, 1112-1122, 2013
Real GDP growth rates and healthcare spending–comparison between the G7 and the EM7 countries
M Jakovljevic, Y Timofeyev, CL Ranabhat, PO Fernandes, JP Teixeira, ...
Globalization and Health 16, 1-13, 2020
Jitter, shimmer and HNR classification within gender, tones and vowels in healthy voices
JP Teixeira, PO Fernandes
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Evolution of artificial intelligence research in human resources
M Jatobá, J Santos, I Gutierriz, D Moscon, PO Fernandes, JP Teixeira
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Algorithm for jitter and shimmer measurement in pathologic voices
A Teixeira, J. P., Gonçalves
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Tourism time series forecast-different ANN architectures with time index input
JP Teixeira, PO Fernandes
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Accuracy of jitter and shimmer measurements
JP Teixeira, A Gonçalves
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Acoustic analysis of vocal dysphonia
JP Teixeira, PO Fernandes
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A COVID-19 time series forecasting model based on MLP ANN
PH Borghi, O Zakordonets, JP Teixeira
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Tourism demand modeling and forecasting with artificial neural network models: The Mozambique case study
H Constantino, P Fernandes, J Teixeira
IV Congresso Internacional de Turismo, 2015
Modelling Tourism Demand: A Comparative Study between Artificial Neural Networks and the Box-Jenkins Methodology
PO Fernandes, JP Teixeira, JM Ferreira, SG Azevedo
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Harmonic to noise ratio measurement-selection of window and length
J Fernandes, F Teixeira, V Guedes, A Junior, JP Teixeira
Procedia computer science 138, 280-285, 2018
Underlying differences in health spending within the World Health Organisation Europe Region—comparing EU15, EU post-2004, CIS, EU candidate, and CARINFONET countries
M Jakovljevic, PO Fernandes, JP Teixeira, N Rancic, Y Timofeyev, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 16 (17), 3043, 2019
Predicting sports results with artificial intelligence–a proposal framework for soccer games
G Fialho, A Manhães, JP Teixeira
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Vocal acoustic analysis–classification of dysphonic voices with artificial neural networks
JP Teixeira, PO Fernandes, N Alves
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Tourism time series forecast with artificial neural networks
JP Teixeira, PO Fernandes
Tékhne 12 (1-2), 26-36, 2014
Lacsogram: A new EEG tool to diagnose Alzheimer's disease
PM Rodrigues, BC Bispo, C Garrett, D Alves, JP Teixeira, D Freitas
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 25 (9), 3384-3395, 2021
Análise Acústica Vocal – Determinação do Jitter e Shimmer para Diagnóstico de Patologias da Fala
JP Teixeira, D Ferreira, S Carneiro
VI Congresso Luso Moçambicano de Engenharia, 2011
Phonetic events from the labeling the european portuguese database for speech synthesis, FEUP/IPB-DB
JP Teixeira, DS Freitas, D Braga, MJ Barros, V Latsch
European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology, Eurospeech …, 2001
COVID-19 time series prediction
LS de Oliveira, SB Gruetzmacher, JP Teixeira
Procedia Computer Science 181, 973-980, 2021
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