Zhenhuan Yi
Zhenhuan Yi
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Experimental free-space quantum teleportation
XM Jin, JG Ren, B Yang, ZH Yi, F Zhou, XF Xu, SK Wang, D Yang, YF Hu, ...
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Enhancing sensitivity of lateral flow assay with application to SARS-CoV-2
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Two-photon infrared resonance can enhance coherent Raman scattering
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Giant Chemical Surface Enhancement of Coherent Raman Scattering on MoS2
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Laser Spectroscopic Technique for Direct Identification of a Single Virus I: FASTER CARS
V Deckert, T Deckert-Gaudig, D Cialla-May, J Popp, R Zell, ...
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Polariton-assisted cooperativity of molecules in microcavities monitored by two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy
Z Zhang, K Wang, Z Yi, MS Zubairy, MO Scully, S Mukamel
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A fiber optic–nanophotonic approach to the detection of antibodies and viral particles of COVID-19
N Rajil, A Sokolov, Z Yi, G Adams, G Agarwal, V Belousov, R Brick, ...
Nanophotonics 10 (1), 235-246, 2020
Pulsed cooperative backward emissions from non-degenerate atomic transitions in sodium
JV Thompson, CW Ballmann, H Cai, Z Yi, YV Rostovtsev, AV Sokolov, ...
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Time synchronization for quantum key distribution from ground to satellite
任继刚, 印娟, 杨彬, 周飞, 易震环, 彭承志, 舒嵘, 王建宇
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Observing the transition from yoked superfluorescence to superradiance
Z Yi, PK Jha, L Yuan, DV Voronine, GO Ariunbold, AM Sinyukov, Z Di, ...
Optics Communications 351, 45-49, 2015
Long-distance quantum teleportation assisted with free-space entanglement distribution
R Ji-Gang, Y Bin, Y Zhen-Huan, Z Fei, C Kai, P Cheng-Zhi, P Jian-Wei
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Imaging through scattering media via spatial–temporal encoded pattern illumination
X Zhao, X Nie, Z Yi, T Peng, MO Scully
Photonics Research 10 (7), 1689-1694, 2022
Quantum optical immunoassay: upconversion nanoparticle-based neutralizing assay for COVID-19
N Rajil, S Esmaeili, BW Neuman, R Nessler, HJ Wu, Z Yi, RW Brick, ...
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Collinear FAST CARS for chemical mapping of gases
A Shutov, D Pestov, N Altangerel, Z Yi, X Wang, AV Sokolov, MO Scully
Applied Sciences 7 (7), 705, 2017
Ultralow-power local laser control of the dimer density in alkali-metal vapors through photodesorption
PK Jha, KE Dorfman, Z Yi, L Yuan, VA Sautenkov, YV Rostovtsev, ...
Applied Physics Letters 101 (9), 2012
Photon-blockade induced photon anti-bunching in photosynthetic antennas with cyclic structures
H Dong, SW Li, Z Yi, GS Agarwal, MO Scully
arXiv preprint arXiv:1608.04364, 2016
Experimental quantum error detection
XM Jin, ZH Yi, B Yang, F Zhou, T Yang, CZ Peng
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Femtosecond pump-probe studies of atomic hydrogen superfluorescence in flames
K Wang, Y Wang, J Wang, Z Yi, WD Kulatilaka, AV Sokolov, MO Scully
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Multiple pathway quantum beat spectroscopy
Z Yi, TK Begzjav, GO Ariunbold, AM Zheltikov, AV Sokolov, MO Scully
Frontiers in Physics 10, 921499, 2022
Light and corona: guided-wave readout for coronavirus spike protein–host-receptor binding
IV Fedotov, Z Yi, AA Voronin, AA Svidzinsky, K Sower, X Liu, E Vlasova, ...
Optics Letters 45 (19), 5428-5431, 2020
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