Catherine Botting
Catherine Botting
Proteomics Facility Manager, St Andrews University
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Polymeric chains of SUMO-2 and SUMO-3 are conjugated to protein substrates by SAE1/SAE2 and Ubc9
MH Tatham, E Jaffray, OA Vaughan, JMP Desterro, CH Botting, ...
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Inhibition of NF-κB DNA binding by nitric oxide
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The interaction of Alba, a conserved archaeal chromatin protein, with Sir2 and its regulation by acetylation
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Size selective protein adsorption on thiol-functionalised SBA-15 mesoporous molecular sieve
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Miswiring the brain: Δ9‐tetrahydrocannabinol disrupts cortical development by inducing an SCG10/stathmin‐2 degradation pathway
G Tortoriello, CV Morris, A Alpar, J Fuzik, SL Shirran, D Calvigioni, ...
The EMBO journal 33 (7), 668-685, 2014
NEDP1, a highly conserved cysteine protease that deNEDDylates Cullins
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Ribosomal proteins are targets for the NEDD8 pathway
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Structural analysis of leader peptide binding enables leader-free cyanobactin processing
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Evidence of a new role for the high-osmolarity glycerol mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in yeast: regulating adaptation to citric acid stress
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The 3D structure of a periplasm-spanning platform required for assembly of group 1 capsular polysaccharides in Escherichia coli
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Creatine kinase is physically associated with the cardiac ATP-sensitive K+ channel in vivo
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The mechanism of patellamide macrocyclization revealed by the characterization of the PatG macrocyclase domain
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The Scottish structural proteomics facility: targets, methods and outputs
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Polymer precursors from catalytic reactions of natural oils
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Novel MHC class I structures on exosomes
S Lynch, SG Santos, EC Campbell, A Nimmo, C Botting, A Prescott, ...
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Pironetin reacts covalently with cysteine-316 of α-tubulin to destabilize microtubule
J Yang, Y Wang, T Wang, J Jiang, CH Botting, H Liu, Q Chen, J Yang, ...
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Citrullination of proteins: a common post-translational modification pathway induced by different nanoparticles in vitro and in vivo
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A metaproteomic approach gives functional insights into anaerobic digestion
F Abram, AM Enright, J O’reilly, CH Botting, G Collins, V O’flaherty
Journal of applied microbiology 110 (6), 1550-1560, 2011
CDK/ERK-mediated phosphorylation of the human influenza A virus NS1 protein at threonine-215
BG Hale, A Knebel, CH Botting, CS Galloway, BL Precious, D Jackson, ...
Virology 383 (1), 6-11, 2009
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