Rohit Khandekar
Rohit Khandekar
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Local search heuristic for k-median and facility location problems
V Arya, N Garg, R Khandekar, A Meyerson, K Munagala, V Pandit
Proceedings of the thirty-third annual ACM symposium on Theory of computing …, 2001
Gradient descent with sparsification: an iterative algorithm for sparse recovery with restricted isometry property
R Garg, R Khandekar
Proceedings of the 26th annual international conference on machine learning …, 2009
Graph partitioning using single commodity flows
R Khandekar, S Rao, U Vazirani
Journal of the ACM (JACM) 56 (4), 1-15, 2009
Flex: A slot allocation scheduling optimizer for mapreduce workloads
J Wolf, D Rajan, K Hildrum, R Khandekar, V Kumar, S Parekh, KL Wu, ...
Middleware 2010: ACM/IFIP/USENIX 11th International Middleware Conference …, 2010
IBM streams processing language: Analyzing big data in motion
M Hirzel, H Andrade, B Gedik, G Jacques-Silva, R Khandekar, V Kumar, ...
IBM Journal of Research and Development 57 (3/4), 7: 1-7: 11, 2013
COLA: Optimizing Stream Processing Applications via Graph Partitioning
R Khandekar, K Hildrum, S Parekh, D Rajan, J Wolf, KL Wu, H Andrade, ...
Middleware 2009: ACM/IFIP/USENIX, 10th International Middleware Conference …, 2009
Additive guarantees for degree bounded directed network design
N Bansal, R Khandekar, V Nagarajan
Proceedings of the fortieth annual ACM symposium on Theory of computing, 769-778, 2008
A logarithmic approximation for unsplittable flow on line graphs
N Bansal, Z Friggstad, R Khandekar, MR Salavatipour
Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete …, 2009
On the integrality ratio for tree augmentation
J Cheriyan, H Karloff, R Khandekar, J Könemann
Operations Research Letters 36 (4), 399-401, 2008
Stateless distributed gradient descent for positive linear programs
B Awerbuch, R Khandekar
Proceedings of the fortieth annual ACM symposium on Theory of computing, 691-700, 2008
Lagrangian relaxation based algorithms for convex programming problems
R Khandekar
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of …, 2004
On the integrality gap of a natural formulation of the single-sink buy-at-bulk network design problem
N Garg, R Khandekar, G Konjevod, R Ravi, FS Salman, A Sinha
Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization: 8th International IPCO …, 2001
Partitioning operator flow graphs
H Andrade, B Gedik, KW Hildrum, RM Khandekar, SS Parekh, D Rajan, ...
US Patent 8,490,072, 2013
Non-preemptive min-sum scheduling with resource augmentation
N Bansal, HL Chan, R Khandekar, K Pruhs, B Schieber, C Stein
48th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS'07), 614-624, 2007
Greedy distributed optimization of multi-commodity flows
B Awerbuch, R Khandekar
Proceedings of the twenty-sixth annual ACM symposium on Principles of …, 2007
Minimizing busy time in multiple machine real-time scheduling
R Khandekar, B Schieber, H Shachnai, T Tamir
IARCS Annual Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and …, 2010
Scheduling parallel data tasks
KW Hildrum, RM Khandekar, V Kumar, SS Parekh, D Rajan, JL Wolf, ...
US Patent 8,930,954, 2015
On hardness of pricing items for single-minded bidders
R Khandekar, T Kimbrel, K Makarychev, M Sviridenko
International Workshop on Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial …, 2009
Two-stage robust network design with exponential scenarios
R Khandekar, G Kortsarz, V Mirrokni, MR Salavatipour
Algorithmica 65, 391-408, 2013
Price of anarchy, locality gap, and a network service provider game
N Devanur, N Garg, R Khandekar, V Pandit, A Saberi, V Vazirani
Internet and Network Economics: First International Workshop, WINE 2005 …, 2005
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