Artiom Volkov
Artiom Volkov
PhD economics, Lithuanian institute of agrarian economics
Patvirtintas el. paštas - Pagrindinis puslapis
Negative effects of covid-19 pandemic on agriculture: systematic literature review in the frameworks of vulnerability, resilience and risks involved
D Štreimikienė, T Baležentis, A Volkov, E Ribašauskienė, M Morkūnas, ...
Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja 35 (1), 529-545, 2022
Modelling and managing the effect of transferring the dynamics of exchange rates on prices of machine-building enterprises in Ukraine
O Chukurna, V Nitsenko, V Kralia, Y Sahachko, M Morkunas, A Volkov
Polish Journal of Management Studies 19 (1.), 117-129, 2019
Young farmers’ support under the Common Agricultural Policy and sustainability of rural regions: Evidence from Lithuania
T Balezentis, E Ribasauskiene, M Morkunas, A Volkov, D Streimikiene, ...
Land Use Policy 94, 104542, 2020
Who benefits from CAP? The way the direct payments system impacts socioeconomic sustainability of small farms
A Volkov, T Balezentis, M Morkunas, D Streimikiene
Sustainability 11 (7), 2112, 2019
How resistant is the agricultural sector? Economic resilience exploited
M Morkūnas, A Volkov, P Pazienza
Economics & Sociology 11 (3), 321-332, 2018
A multi-criteria approach for assessing the economic resilience of agriculture: the case of lithuania
A Volkov, A Žičkienė, M Morkunas, T Baležentis, E Ribašauskienė, ...
Sustainability 13 (4), 2370, 2021
The role of government in forming agricultural policy: economic resilience measuring index exploited
M Morkūnas, A Volkov, Y Bilan, AG Raišienė
Administratie si Management Public, 111-131, 2018
Barriers and drivers of renewable energy penetration in rural areas
D Streimikiene, T Baležentis, A Volkov, M Morkūnas, A Žičkienė, ...
Energies 14 (20), 6452, 2021
Are agricultural sustainability and resilience complementary notions? Evidence from the North European agriculture
A Volkov, M Morkunas, T Balezentis, D Streimikiene
Land Use Policy 112, 105791, 2022
Evaluating public policy support for agricultural cooperatives
E Ribašauskienė, D Šumylė, A Volkov, T Baležentis, D Streimikiene, ...
Sustainability 11 (14), 3769, 2019
In a search for equity: do direct payments under the Common Agricultural Policy induce convergence in the European Union?
A Volkov, T Balezentis, M Morkunas, D Streimikiene
Sustainability 11 (12), 3462, 2019
EOQ for perishable goods: Modification of Wilson’s model for food retailers
S Zeng, O Nestorenko, T Nestorenko, M Morkūnas, A Volkov, T Baležentis, ...
Technological and economic development of economy. Vilnius: Technika, 2019 …, 2019
Lietuvos žemės ir maisto ūkis 2018=
R Melnikienė, V Namiotko, A Volkov, V Simonaitytė, G Kuliešis, ...
Lietuvos agrarinės ekonomikos institutas, 2019
Are women neglected in the EU agriculture? Evidence from Lithuanian young farmers
T Balezentis, M Morkunas, A Volkov, E Ribasauskiene, D Streimikiene
Land use policy 101, 105129, 2021
Optimization of Production Decisions Under Resource Constraints and Community Priorities
T Nestorenko, O Nestorenko, M Morkunas, A Volkov, T Balezentis, ...
Journal of Global Information Management (JGIM) 30 (12), 1-24, 2022
Bendrosios žemės ūkio politikos 2014-2020 m. tobulinimo kryptys
N Jurkėnaitė, A Volkov, A Martišiūnaitė
[Lietuvos agrarinės ekonomikos institutas], 2011
Measures for the viable agri-food supply chains: A multi-criteria approach
T Balezentis, A Zickiene, A Volkov, D Streimikiene, M Morkunas, ...
Journal of Business Research 155, 113417, 2023
Sustainable energy development and climate change mitigation at the local level through the lens of renewable energy: Evidence from Lithuanian case study
A Žičkienė, M Morkunas, A Volkov, T Balezentis, D Streimikiene, ...
Energies 15 (3), 980, 2022
The influence of a brand’s visual content on consumer trust in social media community groups
L Karpenka, E Rudienė, M Morkunas, A Volkov
Journal of theoretical and applied electronic commerce research 16 (6), 2424 …, 2021
Evaluation of the influence of the export in agricultural products on the Baltic states economic growth
R Remeikiene, L Gaspareniene, A Volkov
Montenegrin journal of economics 14 (3), 83-94, 2018
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