Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver
Nokia Bell Labs
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Method and apparatus for applying privacy policies to structured data
IJ Oliver, S Boldyrev, JH Kaaja, JJM Jantunen
US Patent 9,727,751, 2017
Method and apparatus for creating and utilizing information representation of queries
IJ Oliver, J Honkola, JP Luoma
US Patent App. 12/569,152, 2011
Method and apparatus for ontology matching
S Balandin, S Boldyrev, IJ Oliver, T Turenko, AV Smirnov, NG Shilov, ...
US Patent App. 12/890,142, 2012
Method and apparatus for cognitive radio information sharing
MA Uusitalo, S Boldyrev, JH Kaaja, IJ Oliver
US Patent 8,571,467, 2013
Method and apparatus for activating a device
JT Arponen, JH Kaaja, MA Oksanen, JO Kossi, S Boldyrev, JJM Jantunen, ...
US Patent App. 13/086,087, 2011
Method and apparatus for distributing computation closures
S Boldyrev, SJ Pyhälammi, MJ Mannermaa, IJ Oliver, O Lassila, ...
US Patent 9,201,701, 2015
Multimedia services on top of M3 Smart Spaces
S Balandin, I Oliver, S Boldyrev, A Smirnov, N Shilov, A Kashevnik
2010 IEEE Region 8 International Conference on Computational Technologies in …, 2010
Method and apparatus for enforcing data privacy
AO Vähä-sipilä, HT Kujala, MA Niva, IJ Oliver
US Patent App. 13/071,209, 2012
Method and apparatus for binding user interface elements and granular reflective processing
S Boldyrev, J Honkola, MJ Mannermaa, H Laine, IJ Oliver, VV Luukkala, ...
US Patent 8,266,551, 2012
U2B: a tool for translating UML-B models into B
F Bernin, M Butler, D Cansell, S Hallerstede, K Kronlöf, A Krupp, ...
UML-B specification for proven embedded systems design, 85-108, 2004
Method and apparatus for providing a structured and partially regenerable identifier
IJ Oliver
US Patent 9,246,882, 2016
Method and apparatus for generating unique identifier values for applications and services
TMM Mikkonen, AO Vähä-sipilä, HT Kujala, IJ Oliver
US Patent App. 13/099,677, 2012
System and method for access point translation of web service content
I Oliver, J Savolainen
US Patent App. 10/758,235, 2005
Anomaly-based intrusion detection using extreme learning machine and aggregation of network traffic statistics in probability space
BG Atli, Y Miche, A Kalliola, I Oliver, S Holtmanns, A Lendasse
Cognitive Computation 10 (5), 848-863, 2018
Personal semantic web through a space based computing environment
I Oliver, J Honkola
arXiv preprint arXiv:0808.1455, 2008
Method and apparatus for providing privacy in cognitive radio information sharing
S Boldyrev, JH Kaaja, IJ Oliver, MA Uusitalo
US Patent 8,839,347, 2014
Method and apparatus for providing end-to-end privacy for distributed computations
S Boldyrev, JH Kaaja, HE Laine, J Honkola, VV Luukkala, IJ Oliver
US Patent 8,661,500, 2014
Livestock activity increases exotic plant richness, but wildlife increases native richness, with stronger effects under low productivity
DJ Eldridge, M Delgado‐Baquerizo, SK Travers, J Val, I Oliver, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 55 (2), 766-776, 2018
Apparatus and method for reorientation during sensed drop
S Boldyrev, M Uusitalo, AV Ptchelintsev, JJH Kaaja, I Oliver
US Patent 8,872,448, 2014
Method and apparatus for energy optimization in multi-level distributed computations
S Boldyrev, JH Kaaja, HE Laine, J Honkola, VV Luukkala, IJ Oliver
US Patent 9,552,234, 2017
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