Alice Barkan
Alice Barkan
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Redesigning photosynthesis to sustainably meet global food and bioenergy demand
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Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins in plants
A Barkan, I Small
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A combinatorial amino acid code for RNA recognition by pentatricopeptide repeat proteins
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Site‐specific binding of a PPR protein defines and stabilizes 5′ and 3′ mRNA termini in chloroplasts
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Participation of nuclear genes in chloroplast gene expression
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A Pentatricopeptide Repeat Protein Facilitates the trans-Splicing of the Maize Chloroplast rps12 Pre-mRNA
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Expression of plastid genes: organelle-specific elaborations on a prokaryotic scaffold
A Barkan
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A nuclear mutation in maize blocks the processing and translation of several chloroplast mRNAs and provides evidence for the differential translation of alternative mRNA forms.
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RNA immunoprecipitation and microarray analysis show a chloroplast pentatricopeptide repeat protein to be associated with the 5′ region of mRNAs whose translation it activates
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Molecular cloning of the maize gene crp1 reveals similarity between regulators of mitochondrial and chloroplast gene expression
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Mechanism of RNA stabilization and translational activation by a pentatricopeptide repeat protein
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Proteins encoded by a complex chloroplast transcription unit are each translated from both monocistronic and polycistronic mRNAs.
A Barkan
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Nuclear mutants of maize with defects in chloroplast polysome assembly have altered chloroplast RNA metabolism.
A Barkan
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Nucleoid-enriched proteomes in developing plastids and chloroplasts from maize leaves: a new conceptual framework for nucleoid functions
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Nuclear mutations that block group II RNA splicing in maize chloroplasts reveal several intron classes with distinct requirements for splicing factors.
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Protein-mediated protection as the predominant mechanism for defining processed mRNA termini in land plant chloroplasts
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A chloroplast‐localized PPR protein required for plastid ribosome accumulation
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Inactivation of maize transposon Mu suppresses a mutant phenotype by activating an outward-reading promoter near the end of Mu1.
A Barkan, RA Martienssen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 88 (8), 3502-3506, 1991
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