Dorte L. Egeberg Palme
Dorte L. Egeberg Palme
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Direct action of endocrine disrupting chemicals on human sperm
C Schiffer, A Müller, DL Egeberg, L Alvarez, C Brenker, A Rehfeld, ...
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Expression of the vitamin D metabolizing enzyme CYP24A1 at the annulus of human spermatozoa may serve as a novel marker of semen quality
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Primary cilia and aberrant cell signaling in epithelial ovarian cancer
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Average sperm count remains unchanged despite reduction in maternal smoking: results from a large cross-sectional study with annual investigations over 21 years
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EDC IMPACT: Chemical UV filters can affect human sperm function in a progesterone-like manner
A Rehfeld, DL Egeberg, K Almstrup, JH Petersen, S Dissing, ...
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Possible involvement of the glucocorticoid receptor (NR3C1) and selected NR3C1 gene variants in regulation of human testicular function
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Viable acrosome-intact human spermatozoa in the ejaculate as a marker of semen quality and fertility status
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Image cytometer method for automated assessment of human spermatozoa concentration
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Impact of psychological stress measured in three different scales on testis function: a cross‐sectional study of 1362 young men
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The antidepressant Sertraline inhibits CatSper Ca2+ channels in human sperm
R Rahban, A Rehfeld, C Schiffer, C Brenker, DL Egeberg Palme, T Wang, ...
Human Reproduction 36 (10), 2638-2648, 2021
Medium-throughput screening assays for assessment of effects on Ca2+-signaling and acrosome reaction in human sperm
A Rehfeld, DLE Palme, K Almstrup, A Juul, NE Skakkebaek
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Validation of image cytometry for sperm concentration measurement: Comparison with manual counting of 4010 human semen samples
DLE Palme, TH Johannsen, JH Petersen, NE Skakkebæk, A Juul, ...
Clinica Chimica Acta 468, 114-119, 2017
FSHB and FSHR gene variants exert mild modulatory effect on reproductive hormone levels and testis size but not on semen quality: A study of 2020 men from the …
AK Bang, K Almstrup, L Nordkap, L Priskorn, JH Petersen, ...
Andrology 9 (2), 618-631, 2021
The acrosomal status of density purified spermatozoa differentiates men from couples in IVF and ICSI treatment and is associated with fecundity
PB Norup, DL Egeberg Palme, MR Petersen, KM Main, K Almstrup
Journal of Clinical Medicine 9 (8), 2327, 2020
Shaping the future of male reproductive health: fostering talent at the 14th Network of Young Researchers in Andrology meeting
D Marcu, D Egeberg, G Richer, M Oud, B Houston, S Berres, ...
Biology Open 12 (5), 2023
Catching the Next Generation of Andrologists: Empowering Young Researchers to Tackle Male Reproductive Health at the 14th NYRA meeting
D Marcu, G Richer, S Berres, D Egeberg, M Oud, A de la Iglesia
Biology open, 2023
O-228 The SSRI antidepressant Sertraline inhibits CatSper calcium channels in human sperm
R Rahban, A Rehfeld, C Schiffer, C Brenker, DLE Palme, T Wang, ...
Human Reproduction 36 (Supplement_1), deab128. 052, 2021
The SSRI antidepressant Sertraline inhibits CatSper calcium channels in human sperm
R Rahban, A Rehfeld, C Schiffer, C Brenker, D Palme, L Egeberg, T Wang, ...
HUMAN REPRODUCTION 36, 132-132, 2021
Automated sperm analysis and new endpoints of sperm quality
DLE Palme
Eget forlag, København, 2018
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