Antoine van Oijen
Antoine van Oijen
University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine and Health
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Methods and apparatus for measuring analytes
JM Rothberg, W Hinz, JF Davidson, AM Van Oijen, JH Leamon, M Huber
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Endocytosis by random initiation and stabilization of clathrin-coated pits
M Ehrlich, W Boll, A Van Oijen, R Hariharan, K Chandran, ML Nibert, ...
Cell 118 (5), 591-605, 2004
Ever-fluctuating single enzyme molecules: Michaelis-Menten equation revisited
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Unraveling the electronic structure of individual photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes
AM van Oijen, M Ketelaars, J Kohler, TJ Aartsma, J Schmidt
Science 285 (5426), 400-402, 1999
A base-excision DNA-repair protein finds intrahelical lesion bases by fast sliding in contact with DNA
PC Blainey, AM van Oijen, A Banerjee, GL Verdine, XS Xie
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (15), 5752-5757, 2006
Simple model for the power-law blinking of single semiconductor nanocrystals
R Verberk, AM van Oijen, M Orrit
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Single-molecule kinetics of λ exonuclease reveal base dependence and dynamic disorder
AM Van Oijen, PC Blainey, DJ Crampton, CC Richardson, T Ellenberger, ...
Science 301 (5637), 1235-1238, 2003
Selective bypass of a lagging strand roadblock by the eukaryotic replicative DNA helicase
YV Fu, H Yardimci, DT Long, A Guainazzi, VP Bermudez, J Hurwitz, ...
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Droplet microfluidics: A tool for biology, chemistry and nanotechnology
S Mashaghi, A Abbaspourrad, DA Weitz, AM van Oijen
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DNA primase acts as a molecular brake in DNA replication
JB Lee, RK Hite, SM Hamdan, X Sunney Xie, CC Richardson, ...
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Single-particle kinetics of influenza virus membrane fusion
DL Floyd, JR Ragains, JJ Skehel, SC Harrison, AM Van Oijen
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Methods for sequencing individual nucleic acids under tension
JM Rothberg, JH Leamon, JF Davidson, AM Van Oijen, W Hinz, M Davey, ...
US Patent App. 12/319,140, 2010
A single-molecule characterization of p53 search on DNA
A Tafvizi, F Huang, AR Fersht, LA Mirny, AM van Oijen
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3-Dimensional super-resolution by spectrally selective imaging
AM van Oijen, J Köhler, J Schmidt, M Müller, GJ Brakenhoff
Chemical Physics Letters 292 (1-2), 183-187, 1998
Nanoparticles for super-resolution microscopy and single-molecule tracking
D Jin, P Xi, B Wang, L Zhang, J Enderlein, AM van Oijen
Nature methods 15 (6), 415-423, 2018
CLASP promotes microtubule rescue by recruiting tubulin dimers to the microtubule
J Al-Bassam, H Kim, G Brouhard, A van Oijen, SC Harrison, F Chang
Developmental cell 19 (2), 245-258, 2010
mKikGR, a monomeric photoswitchable fluorescent protein
S Habuchi, H Tsutsui, AB Kochaniak, A Miyawaki, AM van Oijen
PloS one 3 (12), e3944, 2008
Mechanisms of hemagglutinin targeted influenza virus neutralization
B Brandenburg, W Koudstaal, J Goudsmit, V Klaren, C Tang, MV Bujny, ...
PloS one 8 (12), e80034, 2013
Tumor suppressor p53 slides on DNA with low friction and high stability
A Tafvizi, F Huang, JS Leith, AR Fersht, LA Mirny, AM Van Oijen
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Single-molecule studies of fork dynamics in Escherichia coli DNA replication
NA Tanner, SM Hamdan, S Jergic, KV Loscha, PM Schaeffer, NE Dixon, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 15 (2), 170-176, 2008
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