Amelia Zafra
Amelia Zafra
Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Cordoba
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Web usage mining for predicting final marks of students that use Moodle courses
C Romero, PG Espejo, A Zafra, JR Romero, S Ventura
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Applying Web usage mining for personalizing hyperlinks in Web-based adaptive educational systems
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Multiple instance learning
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Predicting Student Grades in Learning Management Systems with Multiple Instance Genetic Programming.
A Zafra, S Ventura
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An interpretable classification rule mining algorithm
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Speeding up the evaluation phase of GP classification algorithms on GPUs
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Helping university students to choose elective courses by using a hybrid multi-criteria recommendation system with genetic optimization
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Multi-instance genetic programming for predicting student performance in web based educational environments
A Zafra, SN Ventura
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ReliefF-MI: An extension of ReliefF to multiple instance learning
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Multiple instance learning with multiple objective genetic programming for web mining
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Multi-instance genetic programming for web index recommendation
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G3P-MI: A genetic programming algorithm for multiple instance learning
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Speeding up multiple instance learning classification rules on GPUs
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A classification module for genetic programming algorithms in JCLEC.
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HyDR-MI: A hybrid algorithm to reduce dimensionality in multiple instance learning
A Zafra, M Pechenizkiy, S Ventura
Information sciences 222, 282-301, 2013
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