Virginia Pedicord
Virginia Pedicord
Group Leader/Sir Henry Dale Fellow, University of Cambridge
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Intestinal epithelial and intraepithelial T cell crosstalk mediates a dynamic response to infection
DPH van Konijnenburg, BS Reis, VA Pedicord, J Farache, GD Victora, ...
Cell 171 (4), 783-794. e13, 2017
Single dose of anti–CTLA-4 enhances CD8+ T-cell memory formation, function, and maintenance
VA Pedicord, W Montalvo, IM Leiner, JP Allison
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (1), 266-271, 2011
Intestinal epithelial cells: at the interface of the microbiota and mucosal immunity
AT Soderholm, VA Pedicord
Immunology 158 (4), 267-280, 2019
A secreted bacterial peptidoglycan hydrolase enhances tolerance to enteric pathogens
KJ Rangan, VA Pedicord, YC Wang, B Kim, Y Lu, S Shaham, D Mucida, ...
Science 353 (6306), 1434-1437, 2016
Absence of MHC class II on cDCs results in microbial-dependent intestinal inflammation
J Loschko, HA Schreiber, GJ Rieke, D Esterházy, MM Meredith, ...
Journal of experimental medicine 213 (4), 517-534, 2016
Pathogen-specific CD8 T cell responses are directly inhibited by IL-10
PS Biswas, V Pedicord, A Ploss, E Menet, I Leiner, EG Pamer
The Journal of Immunology 179 (7), 4520-4528, 2007
Exploiting a host-commensal interaction to promote intestinal barrier function and enteric pathogen tolerance
VA Pedicord, AAK Lockhart, KJ Rangan, JW Craig, J Loschko, A Rogoz, ...
Science immunology 1 (3), eaai7732-eaai7732, 2016
Enterococcus faecium secreted antigen A generates muropeptides to enhance host immunity and limit bacterial pathogenesis
B Kim, YC Wang, CW Hespen, J Espinosa, J Salje, KJ Rangan, DA Oren, ...
Elife 8, e45343, 2019
Cell-selective labeling using amino acid precursors for proteomic studies of multicellular environments
NP Gauthier, B Soufi, WE Walkowicz, VA Pedicord, KJ Mavrakis, B Macek, ...
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The Mouse Gastrointestinal Bacteria Catalogue enables translation between the mouse and human gut microbiotas via functional mapping
BS Beresford-Jones, SC Forster, MD Stares, G Notley, E Viciani, ...
Cell Host & Microbe 30 (1), 124-138. e8, 2022
Site-specific acylation of a bacterial virulence regulator attenuates infection
ZJ Zhang, VA Pedicord, T Peng, HC Hang
Nature chemical biology 16 (1), 95-103, 2020
Friends not foes: CTLA-4 blockade and mTOR inhibition cooperate during CD8+ T cell priming to promote memory formation and metabolic readiness
VA Pedicord, JR Cross, W Montalvo-Ortiz, ML Miller, JP Allison
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Identification of gut microbial species linked with disease variability in a widely used mouse model of colitis
SC Forster, S Clare, BS Beresford-Jones, K Harcourt, G Notley, MD Stares, ...
Nature microbiology 7 (4), 590-599, 2022
“A sledgehammer breaks glass but forges steel”: Bacteria adhesion shapes gut immunity
VA Pedicord, D Mucida
Cell 163 (2), 273-274, 2015
Novel gut pathobionts confound results in a widely used mouse model of human inflammatory disease
SC Forster, S Clare, BS Beresford-Jones, K Harcourt, G Notley, M Stares, ...
bioRxiv, 2021.02. 09.430393, 2021
Functional and taxonomic comparison of mouse and human gut microbiotas using extensive culturing and metagenomics
BS Beresford-Jones, SC Forster, MD Stares, G Notley, E Viciani, ...
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The Toll-like receptor 4 pathway modulates response to anti-PD-1 therapy
SK Whiteside, BS Beresford-Jones, P Sadar, P Kuo, W Xia, S Suyama, ...
The Journal of Immunology 210 (1_Supplement), 172.19-172.19, 2023
Enterocloster clostridioformis induces host intestinal epithelial responses that protect against Salmonella infection
BS Beresford-Jones, S Suyama, SA Clare, AT Soderholm, W Xia, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.07. 20.549886, 2023
Extensive culturing and metagenomics enable functional and taxonomic comparison of mouse and human gut microbiotas
VA Pedicord, BS Beresford-Jones, SC Forster, MD Stares, G Notley, ...
The Journal of Immunology 206 (1_Supplement), 27.13-27.13, 2021
Modified microorganisms expressing SagA as anti-infective agents, probiotics and food components
H Howard, K Rangan, D Mucida, V Pedicord
US Patent 10,723,771, 2020
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