Margarida Barroso
Margarida Barroso
Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY
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Characterization of one-and two-photon excitation fluorescence resonance energy transfer microscopy
M Elangovan, H Wallrabe, Y Chen, RN Day, M Barroso, A Periasamy
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Basolateral to apical transcytosis in polarized cells is indirect and involves BFA and trimeric G protein sensitive passage through the apical endosome
M Barroso, ES Sztul
The Journal of cell biology 124 (1), 83-100, 1994
Quantum dots in cell biology
MM Barroso
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Essential role for STIM1/Orai1-mediated calcium influx in PDGF-induced smooth muscle migration
JM Bisaillon, RK Motiani, JC Gonzalez-Cobos, M Potier, KE Halligan, ...
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Orai1-Mediated ICRAC Is Essential for Neointima Formation After Vascular Injury
W Zhang, KE Halligan, X Zhang, JM Bisaillon, JC Gonzalez-Cobos, ...
Circulation research 109 (5), 534-542, 2011
Endosome–mitochondria interactions are modulated by iron release from transferrin
A Das, S Nag, AB Mason, MM Barroso
J Cell Biol 214 (7), 831-45., 2016
Transcytosis-associated protein (TAP)/p115 is a general fusion factor required for binding of vesicles to acceptor membranes.
M Barroso, DS Nelson, E Sztul
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 92 (2), 527-531, 1995
Store-Independent Orai1/3 Channels Activated by Intracrine LeukotrieneC4 Role in Neointimal Hyperplasia
JC González-Cobos, X Zhang, W Zhang, B Ruhle, RK Motiani, R Schindl, ...
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Confocal FRET microscopy to measure clustering of ligand-receptor complexes in endocytic membranes
H Wallrabe, M Elangovan, A Burchard, A Periasamy, M Barroso
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Fast fit-free analysis of fluorescence lifetime imaging via deep learning
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Laser-based 3D bioprinting for spatial and size control of tumor spheroids and embryoid bodies
DM Kingsley, CL Roberge, A Rudkouskaya, DE Faulkner, M Barroso, ...
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The induction of yes-associated protein expression after arterial injury is crucial for smooth muscle phenotypic modulation and neointima formation
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Resolvin D1 promotes the targeting and clearance of necroptotic cells
BD Gerlach, M Marinello, J Heinz, N Rymut, BE Sansbury, CO Riley, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 27 (2), 525-539, 2020
Non-invasive in vivo imaging of near infrared-labeled transferrin in breast cancer cells and tumors using fluorescence lifetime FRET
K Abe, L Zhao, A Periasamy, X Intes, M Barroso
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A Novel Ca2+-binding Protein, p22, Is Required for Constitutive Membrane Traffic (∗)
MR Barroso, KK Bernd, ND DeWitt, A Chang, K Mills, ES Sztul
Journal of Biological Chemistry 271 (17), 10183-10187, 1996
Experimentally induced changes in the endocytic traffic of P-glycoprotein alter drug resistance of cancer cells
H Kim, M Barroso, R Samanta, L Greenberger, E Sztul
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FLIM-FRET for cancer applications
S Rajoria, L Zhao, X Intes, M Barroso
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Quantitation of protein–protein interactions: confocal FRET microscopy
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Quantitative tomographic imaging of intermolecular FRET in small animals
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Interactions among p22, glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and microtubules
J Andrade, ST Pearce, H Zhao, M Barroso
Biochemical Journal 384 (2), 327-336, 2004
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