Meshari Alazmi
Meshari Alazmi
Associate Professor, University of Ha'il
Patvirtintas el. paštas
In silico virtual screening, characterization, docking and molecular dynamics studies of crucial SARS-CoV-2 proteins
M Alazmi, O Motwalli
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 39 (17), 6761-6771, 2021
MRE: a web tool to suggest foreign enzymes for the biosynthesis pathway design with competing endogenous reactions in mind
H Kuwahara, M Alazmi, X Cui, X Gao
Nucleic acids research 44 (W1), W217-W225, 2016
How to find a leucine in a haystack? Structure, ligand recognition and regulation of leucine–aspartic acid (LD) motifs
T Alam, M Alazmi, X Gao, ST Arold
Biochemical Journal 460 (3), 317-329, 2014
All your fake detector are belong to us: evaluating adversarial robustness of fake-news detectors under black-box settings
H Ali, MS Khan, A AlGhadhban, M Alazmi, A Alzamil, K Al-Utaibi, J Qadir
IEEE Access 9, 81678-81692, 2021
FC-PA: fog computing-based pseudonym authentication scheme in 5G-enabled vehicular networks
BA Mohammed, MA Al-Shareeda, S Manickam, ZG Al-Mekhlafi, ...
IEEE Access 11, 18571-18581, 2023
Identification and characterization of SSE15206, a microtubule depolymerizing agent that overcomes multidrug resistance
S Manzoor, A Bilal, S Khan, R Ullah, S Iftikhar, AH Emwas, M Alazmi, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 3305, 2018
Molecular basis for drug repurposing to study the interface of the S protein in SARS-CoV-2 and human ACE2 through docking, characterization, and molecular dynamics for natural …
M Alazmi, O Motwalli
Journal of molecular modeling 26 (12), 338, 2020
Efficient authentication scheme for 5G-enabled vehicular networks using fog computing
ZG Al-Mekhlafi, MA Al-Shareeda, S Manickam, BA Mohammed, ...
Sensors 23 (7), 3543, 2023
Chebyshev polynomial-based fog computing scheme supporting pseudonym revocation for 5G-enabled vehicular networks
ZG Al-Mekhlafi, MA Al-Shareeda, S Manickam, BA Mohammed, ...
Electronics 12 (4), 872, 2023
A comprehensive review of aminochalcones
R Irfan, S Mousavi, M Alazmi, RSZ Saleem
Molecules 25 (22), 5381, 2020
QAUST: protein function prediction using structure similarity, protein interaction, and functional motifs
FZ Smaili, S Tian, A Roy, M Alazmi, ST Arold, S Mukherjee, PS Hefty, ...
Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics 19 (6), 998-1011, 2021
Protein structural model selection by combining consensus and single scoring methods
Z He, M Alazmi, J Zhang, D Xu
PloS one 8 (9), e74006, 2013
Hybrid techniques for diagnosis with WSIs for early detection of cervical cancer based on fusion features
BA Mohammed, EM Senan, ZG Al-Mekhlafi, M Alazmi, AM Alayba, ...
Applied Sciences 12 (17), 8836, 2022
Integrated approach to achieve a sustainable organic waste management system in Saudi Arabia
N Abdullah, OA Al-Wesabi, BA Mohammed, ZG Al-Mekhlafi, M Alazmi, ...
Foods 11 (9), 1214, 2022
Systematic selection of chemical fingerprint features improves the Gibbs energy prediction of biochemical reactions
M Alazmi, H Kuwahara, O Soufan, L Ding, X Gao
Bioinformatics 35 (15), 2634-2643, 2019
Analysis of natural compounds against the activity of SARS-CoV-2 NSP15 protein towards an effective treatment against COVID-19: a theoretical and computational biology approach
O Motwalli, M Alazmi
Journal of molecular modeling 27 (6), 160, 2021
Synthesis and identification of novel pyridazinylpyrazolone based diazo compounds as inhibitors of human islet amyloid polypeptide aggregation
SUB Farrukh, I Javed, AQ Ather, AH Emwas, M Alazmi, X Gao, ...
Bioorganic Chemistry 84, 339-346, 2019
Hybrid techniques of analyzing mri images for early diagnosis of brain tumours based on hybrid features
BA Mohammed, EM Senan, TS Alshammari, A Alreshidi, AM Alayba, ...
Processes 11 (1), 212, 2023
Diagnosis of histopathological images to distinguish types of malignant lymphomas using hybrid techniques based on fusion features
ZG Al-Mekhlafi, EM Senan, BA Mohammed, M Alazmi, AM Alayba, ...
Electronics 11 (18), 2865, 2022
PATHcre8: A Tool That Facilitates the Searching for Heterologous Biosynthetic Routes
O Motwalli, M Uludag, I Mijakovic, M Alazmi, VB Bajic, T Gojobori, X Gao, ...
ACS synthetic biology 9 (12), 3217-3227, 2020
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