Imre Varga
Imre Varga
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Effect of Cross-Link Density on the Internal Structure of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Microgels
I Varga, T Gilányi, R Mészáros, G Filipcsei, M Zrínyi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 (38), 9071-9076, 2001
Interaction of sodium dodecyl sulfate with polyethyleneimine: surfactant-induced polymer solution colloid dispersion transition
R Mészáros, L Thompson, M Bos, I Varga, T Gilányi
Langmuir 19 (3), 609-615, 2003
Aggregation and network formation of aqueous methylcellulose and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose solutions
R Bodvik, A Dedinaite, L Karlson, M Bergström, P Bäverbäck, ...
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 354 (1-3 …, 2010
Preparation of Monodisperse Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Microgel Particles with Homogenous Cross-Link Density Distribution
R Acciaro, T Gilanyi, I Varga
Langmuir 27 (12), 7917-7925, 2011
Buildup of polyelectrolyte multilayers of polyethyleneimine and microfibrillated cellulose studied by in situ dual-polarization interferometry and quartz crystal microbalance …
C Aulin, I Varga, PM Claesson, L Wågberg, T Lindström
Langmuir 24 (6), 2509-2518, 2008
Effect of polymer molecular weight on the polymer/surfactant interaction
R Mészáros, I Varga, T Gilányi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (28), 13538-13544, 2005
Impact of pNIPAM microgel size on its ability to stabilize Pickering emulsions
M Destribats, M Eyharts, V Lapeyre, E Sellier, I Varga, V Ravaine, ...
Langmuir 30 (7), 1768-1777, 2014
Adsorption of poly (ethyleneimine) on silica surfaces: effect of pH on the reversibility of adsorption
R Mészáros, I Varga, T Gilányi
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Effect of mixing on the formation of complexes of hyperbranched cationic polyelectrolytes and anionic surfactants
A Mezei, R Mészáros, I Varga, T Gilányi
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Influence of salt and rinsing protocol on the structure of PAH/PSS polyelectrolyte multilayers
Z Feldötö, I Varga, E Blomberg
Langmuir 26 (22), 17048-17057, 2010
New perspective on the cliff edge peak in the surface tension of oppositely charged polyelectrolyte/surfactant mixtures
RA Campbell, A Angus-Smyth, M Yanez Arteta, K Tonigold, T Nylander, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 1 (20), 3021-3026, 2010
Pulsating pH-responsive nanogels
I Varga, I Szalai, R Mészaros, T Gilányi
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Formation and stability of water-soluble, molecular polyelectrolyte complexes: effects of charge density, mixing ratio, and polyelectrolyte concentration
A Shovsky, I Varga, R Makuska, PM Claesson
Langmuir 25 (11), 6113-6121, 2009
Surface tension of atmospheric humic‐like substances in connection with relaxation, dilution, and solution pH
I Salma, R Ocskay, I Varga, W Maenhaut
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 111 (D23), 2006
Effects of bulk colloidal stability on adsorption layers of poly (diallyldimethylammonium chloride)/sodium dodecyl sulfate at the air–water interface studied by neutron …
RA Campbell, M Yanez Arteta, A Angus-Smyth, T Nylander, I Varga
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (51), 15202-15213, 2011
Direct impact of nonequilibrium aggregates on the structure and morphology of Pdadmac/SDS layers at the air/water interface
RA Campbell, M Yanez Arteta, A Angus-Smyth, T Nylander, BA Noskov, ...
Langmuir 30 (29), 8664-8674, 2014
Effects of aggregates on mixed adsorption layers of poly (ethylene imine) and sodium dodecyl sulfate at the air/liquid interface
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General physical description of the behavior of oppositely charged polyelectrolyte/surfactant mixtures at the air/water interface
I Varga, RA Campbell
Langmuir 33 (23), 5915-5924, 2017
Specific counterion effect on the adsorption of alkali decyl sulfate surfactants at air/solution interface
T Gilányi, I Varga, R Mészáros
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (17), 4338-4346, 2004
Adsorption of poly (ethylene oxide) at the air/water interface: A dynamic and static surface tension study
T Gilányi, I Varga, M Gilányi, R Mészáros
Journal of colloid and interface science 301 (2), 428-435, 2006
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