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Silicon photonic integrated mode multiplexer and demultiplexer
AMJ Koonen, H Chen, HPA van den Boom, O Raz
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Nanophotonic devices for optical interconnect
D Van Thourhout, T Spuesens, SK Selvaraja, L Liu, G Roelkens, R Kumar, ...
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Opsquare: A flat DCN architecture based on flow-controlled optical packet switches
F Yan, W Miao, O Raz, N Calabretta
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Ultrahigh-speed and widely tunable wavelength conversion based on cross-gain modulation in a quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifier
M Matsuura, O Raz, F Gomez-Agis, N Calabretta, HJS Dorren
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Optically controlled low-distortion delay of GHz-wide radio-frequency signals using slow light in fibers
A Zadok, O Raz, A Eyal, M Tur
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Submicrosecond scan-angle switching photonic beamformer with flat RF response in the C and X bands
O Raz, S Barzilay, R Rotman, M Tur
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Implementation of photonic true time delay using high-order-mode dispersion compensating fibers
O Raz, R Rotman, Y Danziger, M Tur
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320 Gbit/s wavelength conversion using four-wave mixing in quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers
M Matsuura, O Raz, F Gomez-Agis, N Calabretta, HJS Dorren
Optics letters 36 (15), 2910-2912, 2011
Challenges for optically enabled high-radix switches for data center networks
HJS Dorren, EHM Wittebol, R de Kluijver, GG de Villota, P Duan, O Raz
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Wavelength-controlled photonic true time delay for wide-band applications
O Raz, R Rotman, M Tur
IEEE photonics technology letters 17 (5), 1076-1078, 2005
160-Gb/s all-optical packet switching over a 110-km field installed optical fiber link
J Herrera, O Raz, E Tangdiongga, Y Liu, HCH Mulvad, F Ramos, J Marti, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 26 (1), 176-182, 2008
Non-inverted multiple wavelength converter at 40 Gbit/s using 1550 nm quantum dot SOA
O Raz, J Herrera, N Calabretta, E Tangdiongga, S Anantathanasarn, ...
Electronics Letters 44 (16), 988-989, 2008
Demonstration of a photonic integrated mode coupler with MDM and WDM transmission
H Chen, V Sleiffer, B Snyder, M Kuschnerov, R van Uden, Y Jung, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 25 (21), 2039-2042, 2013
Scalable optical packet switches for multiple data formats and data rates packets
N Calabretta, W Wang, T Ditewig, O Raz, FG Agis, S Zhang, H de Waardt, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22 (7), 483-485, 2010
Wideband antenna patterns and impulse response of broadband RF phased arrays with RF and photonic beamforming
R Rotman, O Raz, S Barzilay, SR Rotman, M Tur
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 55 (1), 36-44, 2007
Analysis of a true time delay photonic beamformer for transmission of a linear frequency-modulated waveform
R Rotman, O Raz, M Tur
Journal of lightwave technology 23 (12), 4026, 2005
Chip scale 12-channel 10 Gb/s optical transmitter and receiver subassemblies based on wet etched silicon interposer
C Li, T Li, G Guelbenzu, B Smalbrugge, R Stabile, O Raz
Journal of lightwave technology 35 (15), 3229-3236, 2017
A low–power high–speed InP microdisk modulator heterogeneously integrated on a SOI waveguide
J Hofrichter, O Raz, A La Porta, T Morf, P Mechet, G Morthier, T De Vries, ...
Optics Express 20 (9), 9363-9370, 2012
Four-wave-mixing-based dual-wavelength conversion in a semiconductor optical amplifier
CM Gallep, HJS Dorren, O Raz
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22 (21), 1550-1552, 2010
Multichannel wavelength conversion of 50-Gbit/s NRZ-DQPSK signals using a quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifier
M Matsuura, N Calabretta, O Raz, HJS Dorren
Optics Express 19 (26), B560-B566, 2011
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