Jiri Safar
Jiri Safar
Professor, Departments of Pathology, Neurology, and Neurosciences
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Eight prion strains have PrPSc molecules with different conformations
J Safar, H Wille, V Itri, D Groth, H Serban, M Torchia, FE Cohen, ...
Nature medicine 4 (10), 1157-1165, 1998
Prion protein selectively binds copper (II) ions
J Stöckel, J Safar, AC Wallace, FE Cohen, SB Prusiner
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Conformational transitions, dissociation, and unfolding of scrapie amyloid (prion) protein.
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Sporadic human prion diseases: molecular insights and diagnosis
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Diagnosis of human prion disease
JG Safar, MD Geschwind, C Deering, S Didorenko, M Sattavat, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (9), 3501-3506, 2005
Branched polyamines cure prion-infected neuroblastoma cells
S Supattapone, H Wille, L Uyechi, J Safar, P Tremblay, FC Szoka, ...
Journal of virology 75 (7), 3453-3461, 2001
Measuring prions causing bovine spongiform encephalopathy or chronic wasting disease by immunoassays and transgenic mice
JG Safar, M Scott, J Monaghan, C Deering, S Didorenko, J Vergara, ...
Nature biotechnology 20 (11), 1147-1150, 2002
Prion protein of 106 residues creates an artificial transmission barrier for prion replication in transgenic mice
S Supattapone, P Bosque, T Muramoto, H Wille, C Aagaard, D Peretz, ...
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Thermal stability and conformational transitions of scrapie amyloid (prion) protein correlate with infectivity
J Safar, PP Roller, DC Gajdusek, CJ Gibbs Jr
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Mimicking dominant negative inhibition of prion replication through structure-based drug design
V Perrier, AC Wallace, K Kaneko, J Safar, SB Prusiner, FE Cohen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97 (11), 6073-6078, 2000
Identification of a prion protein epitope modulating transmission of bovine spongiform encephalopathy prions to transgenic mice
MR Scott, J Safar, G Telling, O Nguyen, D Groth, M Torchia, R Koehler, ...
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Transmission of elk and deer prions to transgenic mice
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Rapid and ultra-sensitive quantitation of disease-associated α-synuclein seeds in brain and cerebrospinal fluid by αSyn RT-QuIC
BR Groveman, CD Orrù, AG Hughson, LD Raymond, G Zanusso, B Ghetti, ...
Acta neuropathologica communications 6 (1), 1-10, 2018
Dominant-negative inhibition of prion replication in transgenic mice
V Perrier, K Kaneko, J Safar, J Vergara, P Tremblay, SJ DeArmond, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (20), 13079-13084, 2002
Transmission and detection of prions in feces
JG Safar, P Lessard, G Tamgüney, Y Freyman, C Deering, F Letessier, ...
The Journal of infectious diseases 198 (1), 81-89, 2008
Diagnostic and prognostic value of human prion detection in cerebrospinal fluid
A Foutz, BS Appleby, C Hamlin, X Liu, S Yang, Y Cohen, W Chen, ...
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Rapidly progressive Alzheimer’s disease features distinct structures of amyloid-β
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A synthetic peptide initiates Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker (GSS) disease in transgenic mice
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Mutant PrPSc Conformers Induced by a Synthetic Peptide and Several Prion Strains
P Tremblay, HL Ball, K Kaneko, D Groth, RS Hegde, FE Cohen, ...
Journal of virology 78 (4), 2088-2099, 2004
Search for a prion-specific nucleic acid
JG Safar, K Kellings, A Serban, D Groth, JE Cleaver, SB Prusiner, ...
Journal of virology 79 (16), 10796-10806, 2005
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