Dr. Aaliya Qureashi
Dr. Aaliya Qureashi
Research Scholar,Kashmir University
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LA Malik, A Bashir, A Qureashi, AH Pandith
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DFT Studies on a Metal Oxide@Graphene-Decorated D−π1–π2–A Novel Multi-Junction Light-Harvesting System for Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Applications
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Silk fibroin-copper nanoparticles conglomerated polyurethane fibers incorporating calcium carbonate for enhanced fluid retention, antibacterial efficacy and promotion of cell …
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Hydrothermal Modification of Polyurethane Fibers Using Hyaluronic Acid and Silver Nanoparticles for Wound Healing
AH Rather, RS Khan, TU Wani, M Rafiq, A Qureashi, S Rather, ...
Journal of Polymers and the Environment, 1-20, 2024
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