Marija Uscumlic
Marija Uscumlic
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The Berlin brain-computer interface: progress beyond communication and control
B Blankertz, L Acqualagna, S Dähne, S Haufe, M Schultze-Kraft, I Sturm, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 10, 530, 2016
Decoding neural correlates of cognitive states to enhance driving experience
R Chavarriaga, M Ušćumlić, H Zhang, Z Khaliliardali, R Aydarkhanov, ...
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence 2 (4 …, 2018
Active visual search in non-stationary scenes: coping with temporal variability and uncertainty
M Ušćumlić, B Blankertz
Journal of Neural Engineering 13 (1), 016015, 2016
An iterative framework for EEG-based image search: robust retrieval with weak classifiers
M Ušćumlić, R Chavarriaga, JR Millán
PloS one 8 (8), e72018, 2013
Comparison of cbir systems with different number of feature vector components
S Rudinac, G Zajic, M Uscumlic, M Rudinac, B Reljin
Second International Workshop on Semantic Media Adaptation and …, 2007
Global image search vs. regional search in CBIR systems
S Rudinac, M Uscumlic, M Rudinac, G Zajic, B Reljin
Eighth International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive …, 2007
Spatial covariance improves BCI performance for late ERPs components with high temporal variability
R Aydarkhanov, M Ušćumlić, R Chavarriaga, L Gheorghe, J del R Millan
Journal of neural engineering 17 (3), 036030, 2020
Fractal and multifractal analysis of heart rate variability
M Rudinac, M Uscumlic, S Rudinac, B Milovanovic, I Reljin, B Reljin
2007 8th International Conference on Telecommunications in Modern Satellite …, 2007
Closed-loop EEG study on visual recognition during driving
R Aydarkhanov, M Ušćumlić, R Chavarriaga, L Gheorghe, J del R Millán
Journal of neural engineering 18 (2), 026010, 2021
EEG correlates of visual recognition while overtly tracking a moving object
M Ušćumlić, M Hägele, B Blankertz
International Workshop on Symbiotic Interaction, 166-171, 2015
Improvements in Image Segmentation by Applying Hopfield Neural Networks
M Uscumlic, I Reljin, D Dujkovic, B Reljin
2006 8th Seminar on Neural Network Applications in Electrical Engineering, 37-40, 2006
Iterative EEG-based Natural Image Search under RSVP
M Uscumlic, R Chavarriaga, JR Millán
Proceedings of the Fifth International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting 2013, 2013
Exploiting Recognition of Natural Visual Stimuli for Brain Computer Interfacing
M Ušćumlić
EPFL, 2013
On coupling Computer Vision and Single trial detection of ERP under RSVP
M Ušćumlić, R Chavarriaga, JR Millán
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