Zalan Szabo
Zalan Szabo
Senior Scientist at Immunoprecise Antibodies Europe
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Identification of diverse archaeal proteins with class III signal peptides cleaved by distinct archaeal prepilin peptidases
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Diversity and subcellular distribution of archaeal secreted proteins
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ABCC6 does not transport adenosine-relevance to pathomechanism of pseudoxanthoma elasticum
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Wetenschappelijke output 2014
H Schunkert, Z Szabo, A Varadi, O Le Saux
PLoS One 9, e110521, 2014
Az ABC-fehérjék Tudományos Iskolája: a gének regulációjától a transzport-mechanizmusig= The School of ABC-proteins: From Gene Regulation to Transport Mechanism
A Váradi, T Arányi, É Bakos, K Fülöp, A Iliás, V Pomozi, Z Szabó, ...
OTKA Kutatási Jelentések| OTKA Research Reports, 2010
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Identification of a system required for the functional assembly of sugar binding proteins in the cell envelope of Sulfolobus solfataricus
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Molecular Microbiology 64, 795-806, 2007
Archaeal type IV prepilin-like signal peptidases: substrates and biochemistry
Z Szabo
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