Sonali Garg
Sonali Garg
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
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Description of four new species of Burrowing Frogs in the Fejervarya rufescens complex (Dicroglossidae) with notes on morphological affinities of Fejervarya species in the …
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A unique mating strategy without physical contact during fertilization in Bombay Night Frogs (Nyctibatrachus humayuni) with the description of a new form of amplexus and female …
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An integrative approach to infer systematic relationships and define species groups in the shrub frog genus Raorchestes, with description of five new species from the Western …
S Garg, R Suyesh, S Das, MA Bee, SD Biju
PeerJ 9 (e10791), 1-78, 2021
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