Carla Ferreira
Carla Ferreira
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An operational semantics for StAC, a language for modelling long-running business transactions
M Butler, C Ferreira
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A trace semantics for long-running transactions
M Butler, T Hoare, C Ferreira
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'Cause I'm strong enough: Reasoning about consistency choices in distributed systems
A Gotsman, H Yang, C Ferreira, M Najafzadeh, M Shapiro
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Putting consistency back into eventual consistency
V Balegas, S Duarte, C Ferreira, R Rodrigues, N Preguiça, M Najafzadeh, ...
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Comparing two approaches to compensable flow composition
R Bruni, M Butler, C Ferreira, T Hoare, H Melgratti, U Montanari
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A process compensation language
M Butler, C Ferreira
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M Butler, C Ferreira, MY Ng
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M Chessell, C Griffin, D Vines, M Butler, C Ferreira, P Henderson
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Extending eventually consistent cloud databases for enforcing numeric invariants
V Balegas, D Serra, S Duarte, C Ferreira, M Shapiro, R Rodrigues, ...
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The CISE tool: proving weakly-consistent applications correct
M Najafzadeh, A Gotsman, H Yang, C Ferreira, M Shapiro
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on the Principles and Practice of …, 2016
On the expressive power of primitives for compensation handling
I Lanese, C Vaz, C Ferreira
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A process calculus analysis of compensations
L Caires, C Ferreira, H Vieira
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IPA: invariant-preserving applications for weakly consistent replicated databases
V Balegas, S Duarte, C Ferreira, R Rodrigues, N Preguiça
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Dynamic recovering of long running transactions
C Vaz, C Ferreira, A Ravara
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Model-based trace-checking
Y Howard, S Gruner, A Gravell, C Ferreira, JC Augusto
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ECROs: building global scale systems from sequential code
K De Porre, C Ferreira, N Preguiça, E Gonzalez Boix
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Advanced mechanisms for service combination and transactions
C Ferreira, I Lanese, A Ravara, HT Vieira, G Zavattaro
Rigorous Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Systems: Results of the …, 2011
Composition in state-based replicated data types
C Baquero, PS Almeida, A Cunha, C Ferreira
Bulletin of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science, 2017
Geo-Replication: Fast If Possible, Consistent If Necessary
V Balegas, C Li, M Najafzadeh, D Porto, A Clement, S Duarte, C Ferreira, ...
IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin 39 (1), 12, 2016
Test mocks for low-code applications built with OutSystems
A Jacinto, M Lourenço, C Ferreira
Proceedings of the 23rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Model Driven …, 2020
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