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Manuela Benary
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Standards for the classification of pathogenicity of somatic variants in cancer (oncogenicity): Joint recommendations of Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen), Cancer Genomics …
P Horak, M Griffith, AM Danos, BA Pitel, S Madhavan, X Liu, C Chow, ...
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Comparative analysis of public knowledge bases for precision oncology
S Pallarz, M Benary, M Lamping, D Rieke, J Starlinger, C Sers, ...
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Leveraging large language models for decision support in personalized oncology
M Benary, XD Wang, M Schmidt, D Soll, G Hilfenhaus, M Nassir, C Sigler, ...
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Support of a molecular tumour board by an evidence-based decision management system for precision oncology
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How cyanobacteria pose new problems to old methods: challenges in microarray time series analysis
R Lehmann, R Machné, J Georg, M Benary, IM Axmann, R Steuer
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Disentangling pro-mitotic signaling during cell cycle progression using time-resolved single-cell imaging
M Benary, S Bohn, M Lüthen, IK Nolis, N Blüthgen, A Loewer
Cell reports 31 (2), 2020
IL-2 Expression in Activated Human Memory FOXP3+ Cells Critically Depends on the Cellular Levels of FOXP3 as Well as of Four Transcription Factors of  T Cell …
H Bendfeldt, M Benary, T Scheel, K Steinbrink, A Radbruch, H Herzel, ...
Frontiers in Immunology 3, 264, 2012
Stable IL-2 decision making by endogenous c-Fos amounts in peripheral memory T-helper cells
H Bendfeldt, M Benary, T Scheel, S Frischbutter, A Abajyan, A Radbruch, ...
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Feasibility and outcome of reproducible clinical interpretation of high-dimensional molecular data: a comparison of two molecular tumor boards
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Prediction of regulatory transcription factors in T helper cell differentiation and maintenance
YH Lee, M Benary, R Baumgrass, H Herzel
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Modeling IL-2 gene expression in human regulatory T cells
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Creation of a structured molecular genomics report for Germany as a local adaption of HL7’s Genomic Reporting Implementation Guide
C Stellmach, J Sass, B Auber, M Boeker, T Wienker, AJ Heidel, M Benary, ...
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 30 (6), 1179-1189, 2023
Information flow in a mammalian signal transduction pathway
M Benary, I Nolis, N Blüthgen, A Loewer
Information-and Communication Theory in Molecular Biology, 101-114, 2017
preon: Fast and accurate entity normalization for drug names and cancer types in precision oncology
A Ermshaus, M Piechotta, G Rüter, U Keilholz, U Leser, M Benary
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Tumour mutational burden and survival with molecularly matched therapy
T de Bortoli, M Benary, P Horak, M Lamping, S Stintzing, I Tinhofer, ...
European Journal of Cancer 190, 112925, 2023
The proteogenomic landscape of multiple myeloma reveals insights into disease biology and therapeutic opportunities
E Ramberger, V Sapozhnikova, YLD Ng, A Dolnik, M Ziehm, O Popp, ...
Nature cancer, 1-18, 2024
A diagnostic challenge of KIT p. V559D and BRAF p. G469A mutations in a paragastric mass
S Habringer, J Ihlow, K Kleo, A Klostermann, M Schmidt, L Chai, ...
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144P Artificial intelligence supported treatment decisions for precision oncology
DT Rieke, X Wang, M Schmidt, D Soll, G Hilfenhaus, M Nassir, C Sigler, ...
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E Ramberger, A Dolnik, YLD Ng, M Ziehm, O Popp, E Sträng, M Kull, ...
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Tumor mutational burden as a predictive biomarker for molecularly matched therapy in two independent pan-cancer cohorts.
DT Rieke, T de Bortoli, M Benary, P Horak, M Lamping, S Stintzing, ...
Journal of Clinical Oncology 41 (16_suppl), 3066-3066, 2023
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