J. Nathan Kutz
J. Nathan Kutz
Professor of Applied Mathematics & Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Discovering governing equations from data by sparse identification of nonlinear dynamical systems
SL Brunton, JL Proctor, JN Kutz
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JN Kutz
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Koopman invariant subspaces and finite linear representations of nonlinear dynamical systems for control
SL Brunton, BW Brunton, JL Proctor, JN Kutz
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Chaos as an intermittently forced linear system
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Data-driven modeling & scientific computation: methods for complex systems & big data
JN Kutz
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Inferring biological networks by sparse identification of nonlinear dynamics
NM Mangan, SL Brunton, JL Proctor, JN Kutz
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Multiresolution dynamic mode decomposition
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Data-driven sparse sensor placement for reconstruction: Demonstrating the benefits of exploiting known patterns
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Modern Koopman theory for dynamical systems
SL Brunton, M Budišić, E Kaiser, JN Kutz
arXiv preprint arXiv:2102.12086, 2021
Bose-Einstein condensates in standing waves: The cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a periodic potential
JC Bronski, LD Carr, B Deconinck, JN Kutz
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Data-driven discovery of Koopman eigenfunctions for control
E Kaiser, JN Kutz, SL Brunton
Machine Learning: Science and Technology 2 (3), 035023, 2021
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