Jesse Colangelo-Lillis
Jesse Colangelo-Lillis
University of Colorado - Boulder
Patvirtintas el. paštas
The astrobiology primer v2. 0
SD Domagal-Goldman, KE Wright, K Adamala, LA De La Rubia, J Bond, ...
Astrobiology 16 (8), 561, 2016
Did life originate from a global chemical reactor?
EE Stüeken, RE Anderson, JS Bowman, WJ Brazelton, J Colangelo‐Lillis, ...
Geobiology 11 (2), 101-126, 2013
Genomic analysis of cold-active Colwelliaphage 9A and psychrophilic phage–host interactions
JR Colangelo-Lillis, JW Deming
Extremophiles 17, 99-114, 2013
Evidence for marine origin and microbial-viral habitability of sub-zero hypersaline aqueous inclusions within permafrost near Barrow, Alaska
J Colangelo-Lillis, H Eicken, SD Carpenter, JW Deming
FEMS microbiology ecology 92 (5), fiw053, 2016
Bacterial and extracellular polysaccharide content of brine‐wetted snow over Arctic winter first‐year sea ice
M Ewert, SD Carpenter, J Colangelo‐Lillis, JW Deming
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 118 (2), 726-735, 2013
The astrobiology primer v2. 0
XC Abrevaya, R Anderson, G Arney, D Atri, A Azúa-Bustos, JS Bowman, ...
Astrobiology 16 (8), 561-653, 2016
Diversity decoupled from sulfur isotope fractionation in a sulfate‐reducing microbial community
J Colangelo‐Lillis, C Pelikan, CW Herbold, I Altshuler, A Loy, LG Whyte, ...
Geobiology 17 (6), 660-675, 2019
Low viral predation pressure in cold hypersaline A rctic sediments and limits on lytic replication
J Colangelo‐Lillis, BA Wing, LG Whyte
Environmental microbiology reports 8 (2), 250-260, 2016
Viral induced microbial mortality in arctic hypersaline spring sediments
J Colangelo-Lillis, BA Wing, I Raymond-Bouchard, LG Whyte
Frontiers in Microbiology 7, 2158, 2017
Impact of drill core contamination on compound-specific carbon and hydrogen isotopic signatures
R Schinteie, JR Colangelo-Lillis, JM Hope, J Chen, DB Nelson, ...
Organic geochemistry 128, 161-171, 2019
Pockets of Proterozoic hydrocarbons and implications for the Archaean
BJ Bruisten, AJM Jarret, R Schinteie, J Colangelo-Lillis, L Reuning, ...
23rd Goldschmidt, Florence, Italy, Mineralogical Magazine 781, 2013
Microbial community dynamics in polar hypersaline springs: viral ecology and sulfur cycling
J Colangelo-Lillis
McGill University (Canada), 2016
Brine-Wetted Snow on the Surface of Sea Ice: A Potentially Vast and Overlooked Microbial Habitat
JW Deming, M Ewert, JS Bowman, J Colangelo-Lillis, SD Carpenter
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2010, C43D-0575, 2010
Abundant microbes and viruses detected in subzero brine layers within Alaskan permafrost
JR Colangelo-Lillis, H Eicken, JW Deming
Proceedings from the 2010 AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2010
2003-2004 Research Honors Program Abstracts (for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Undergraduates)
AE Cassano, D Hanley, KL James, JL Johnson, SA Kepping, AE Kulick, ...
Genes and Secondary Metabolites Putatively Involved in Pathogenicity of Mycosphaerella Fijiensis
J Colangelo-Lillis
Cornell University, 2004
The Astrobiology Primer v2. 0 Domagal-Goldman, SD, Wright, KE, Adamala, K., de la Rubia Leigh, A., Bond, J., Dartnell, L., Goldman, AD, Lynch, K., Naud, M.-E., Paulino-Lima, IG …
B JS, B WJ, C GA, J Colangelo-Lillis, CJ Crockett, J DeMarines, EA Frank, ...
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