Jeroen Jansen
Jeroen Jansen
Associate Professor
Patvirtintas el. paštas - Pagrindinis puslapis
Stress‐induced DNA methylation changes and their heritability in asexual dandelions
KJF Verhoeven, JJ Jansen, PJ Van Dijk, A Biere
New Phytologist 185 (4), 1108-1118, 2010
ANOVA-simultaneous component analysis (ASCA): a new tool for analyzing designed metabolomics data
AK Smilde, JJ Jansen, HCJ Hoefsloot, RJAN Lamers, J Van Der Greef, ...
Bioinformatics 21 (13), 3043-3048, 2005
Breaking with trends in pre-processing?
J Engel, J Gerretzen, E Szymańska, JJ Jansen, G Downey, L Blanchet, ...
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 50, 96-106, 2013
ASCA: analysis of multivariate data obtained from an experimental design
JJ Jansen, HCJ Hoefsloot, J van der Greef, ME Timmerman, ...
Journal of Chemometrics: A Journal of the Chemometrics Society 19 (9), 469-481, 2005
Metabolomic analysis of the interaction between plants and herbivores
JJ Jansen, JW Allwood, E Marsden-Edwards, WH van der Putten, ...
Metabolomics 5, 150-161, 2009
Birds exploit herbivore‐induced plant volatiles to locate herbivorous prey
L Amo, JJ Jansen, NM van Dam, M Dicke, ME Visser
Ecology letters 16 (11), 1348-1355, 2013
Simple and effective way for data preprocessing selection based on design of experiments
J Gerretzen, E Szymańska, JJ Jansen, J Bart, HJ van Manen, ...
Analytical chemistry 87 (24), 12096-12103, 2015
Chemometrics in analytical chemistry—part I: history, experimental design and data analysis tools
RG Brereton, J Jansen, J Lopes, F Marini, A Pomerantsev, O Rodionova, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 409, 5891-5899, 2017
ANOVA–principal component analysis and ANOVA–simultaneous component analysis: a comparison
G Zwanenburg, HCJ Hoefsloot, JA Westerhuis, JJ Jansen, AK Smilde
Journal of Chemometrics 25 (10), 561-567, 2011
Chemometrics in analytical chemistry—part II: modeling, validation, and applications
RG Brereton, J Jansen, J Lopes, F Marini, A Pomerantsev, O Rodionova, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 410, 6691-6704, 2018
Fast microplastics identification with stimulated Raman scattering microscopy
L Zada, HA Leslie, AD Vethaak, GH Tinnevelt, JJ Jansen, JF de Boer, ...
Journal of Raman spectroscopy 49 (7), 1136-1144, 2018
Analysis of longitudinal metabolomics data
JJ Jansen, HCJ Hoefsloot, HFM Boelens, J Van Der Greef, AK Smilde
Bioinformatics 20 (15), 2438-2446, 2004
Multilevel component analysis of time-resolved metabolic fingerprinting data
JJ Jansen, HCJ Hoefsloot, J van der Greef, ME Timmerman, AK Smilde
Analytica chimica acta 530 (2), 173-183, 2005
Novel chemistry of invasive plants: exotic species have more unique metabolomic profiles than native congeners
M Macel, RCH de Vos, JJ Jansen, WH van der Putten, NM van Dam
Ecology and Evolution 4 (13), 2777-2786, 2014
Field parasitism rates of caterpillars on Brassica oleracea plants are reliably predicted by differential attraction of Cotesia parasitoids
EH Poelman, AMO Oduor, C Broekgaarden, CA Hordijk, JJ Jansen, ...
Functional Ecology 23 (5), 951-962, 2009
ANOVA simultaneous component analysis: A tutorial review
C Bertinetto, J Engel, J Jansen
Analytica Chimica Acta: X 6, 100061, 2020
Differences in volatile profiles of turnip plants subjected to single and dual herbivory above-and belowground
PS Pierre, JJ Jansen, CA Hordijk, NM Van Dam, AM Cortesero, ...
Journal of chemical ecology 37, 368-377, 2011
Integration of handheld NIR and machine learning to “Measure & Monitor” chicken meat authenticity
H Parastar, G van Kollenburg, Y Weesepoel, A van den Doel, L Buydens, ...
Food control 112, 107149, 2020
Plants know where it hurts: root and shoot jasmonic acid induction elicit differential responses in Brassica oleracea
TOG Tytgat, KJF Verhoeven, JJ Jansen, CE Raaijmakers, ...
PloS one 8 (6), e65502, 2013
ACPA fine-specificity profiles in early rheumatoid arthritis patients do not correlate with clinical features at baseline or with disease progression
JJBC van Beers, A Willemze, JJ Jansen, GHM Engbers, M Salden, ...
Arthritis research & therapy 15, 1-10, 2013
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