Aneta Szymańska
Aneta Szymańska
Uniwersytet Gdański, Wydział Chemii, Katedra Chemii Biomedycznej
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Hinge-loop mutation can be used to control 3D domain swapping and amyloidogenesis of human cystatin C
M Orlikowska, E Jankowska, R Kołodziejczyk, M Jaskólski, A Szymańska
Journal of structural biology 173 (2), 406-413, 2011
Binding epitopes and interaction structure of the neuroprotective protease inhibitor cystatin C with β-amyloid revealed by proteolytic excision mass spectrometry and molecular …
P Juszczyk, G Paraschiv, A Szymanska, AS Kolodziejczyk, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 52 (8), 2420-2428, 2009
Position-specific incorporation of a highly photodurable and blue-laser excitable fluorescent amino acid into proteins for fluorescence sensing
H Hamada, N Kameshima, A Szymańska, K Wegner, L Łankiewicz, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 13 (10), 3379-3384, 2005
Importance of N-and C-terminal regions of IbpA, Escherichia coli small heat shock protein, for chaperone function and oligomerization
J Stróżecka, E Chruściel, E Górna, A Szymańska, S Ziętkiewicz, K Liberek
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (4), 2843-2853, 2012
Governing the monomer-dimer ratio of human cystatin c by single amino acid substitution in the hinge region.
A Szymańska, A Radulska, P Czaplewska, A Grubb, Z Grzonka, ...
Acta Biochimica Polonica 56 (3), 2009
Synthesis of N‐[(tert‐Butoxy)carbonyl]‐3‐(9,10‐dihydro‐9‐oxoacridin‐2‐yl)‐L‐alanine, a New Fluorescent Amino Acid Derivative
A Szymańska, K Wegner, L Łankiewicz
Helvetica chimica acta 86 (10), 3326-3331, 2003
Site‐specific fluorescent labeling of poly‐histidine sequences using a metal‐chelating cysteine
B Krishnan, A Szymanska, LM Gierasch
Chemical Biology & Drug Design 69 (1), 31-40, 2007
Heteronuclear and Homonuclear Cu2+ and Zn2+ Complexes with Multihistidine Peptides Based on Zebrafish Prion-like Protein
D Valensin, Ł Szyrwiel, F Camponeschi, M Rowinska-Zyrek, E Molteni, ...
Inorganic chemistry 48 (15), 7330-7340, 2009
Influence of point mutations on the stability, dimerization, and oligomerization of human cystatin C and its L68Q variant
A Szymańska, E Jankowska, M Orlikowska, I Behrendt, P Czaplewska, ...
Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 5, 82, 2012
Human cystatin C monomer, dimer, oligomer, and amyloid structures are related to health and disease
P Jurczak, P Groves, A Szymanska, S Rodziewicz‐Motowidlo
FEBS letters 590 (23), 4192-4201, 2016
Human Cysteine Cathepsins Are Not Reliable Markers of Infection by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Cystic Fibrosis
C Naudin, A Joulin-Giet, G Couetdic, P Plesiat, A Szymanska, E Gorna, ...
PLoS One 6 (9), e25577, 2011
The role of the Val57 amino‐acid residue in the hinge loop of the human cystatin C. Conformational studies of the beta2‐L1‐beta3 segments of wild‐type human cystatin C and its …
S Rodziewicz‐Motowidło, J Iwaszkiewicz, R Sosnowska, P Czaplewska, ...
Biopolymers: Original Research on Biomolecules 91 (5), 373-383, 2009
Identification of the epitope for anti‐cystatin C antibody
A Śladewska, A Szymańska, M Kordalska, A Lewandowska, ...
Journal of Molecular Recognition 24 (4), 687-699, 2011
Synthesis of lysine derivatives containing aza-crown ethers and a chromophore unit
T Ossowski, D Zarzeczańska, L Zalewski, P Niedziałkowski, R Majewski, ...
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Synthesis and photophysics of acridine derivatives
A Szymanska, W Wiczk, L Lankiewicz
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds 36, 801-808, 2000
Interaction of serum amyloid A with human cystatin C—assessment of amino acid residues crucial for hCC–SAA formation (part II)
M Spodzieja, M Rafalik, A Szymańska, AS Kołodziejczyk, P Czaplewska
Journal of Molecular Recognition 26 (9), 415-425, 2013
New Nuclease from Extremely Psychrophilic Microorganism Psychromonas ingrahamii 37: Identification and Characterization
N Maciejewska, R Walkusz, M Olszewski, A Szymańska
Molecular biotechnology 61, 122-133, 2019
The domain swapping of human cystatin C induced by synchrotron radiation
M Taube, Z Pietralik, A Szymanska, K Szutkowski, D Clemens, A Grubb, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 8548, 2019
Exploring the interactions between signal sequences and E. coli SRP by two distinct and complementary crosslinking methods
EM Clérico, A Szymańska, LM Gierasch
Peptide Science: Original Research on Biomolecules 92 (3), 201-211, 2009
Candida albicans cell wall as a target of action for the protein–carbohydrate fraction from coelomic fluid of Dendrobaena veneta
MJ Fiołka, S Mieszawska, P Czaplewska, A Szymańska, K Stępnik, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 16352, 2020
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