Philip D. Weyman
Philip D. Weyman
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Designer diatom episomes delivered by bacterial conjugation
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Signal interactions in induced resistance to pathogens and insect herbivores
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A Circadian Rhythm-Regulated Tomato Gene Is Induced by Arachidonic Acid and Phythophthora infestans Infection
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Heterologous expression of Alteromonas macleodii and Thiocapsa roseopersicina [NiFe] hydrogenases in Synechococcus elongatus
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Genomic Changes Associated with the Evolutionary Transitions of Nostoc to a Plant Symbiont
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Transcription of hupSL in Anabaena variabilis ATCC 29413 Is Regulated by NtcA and Not by Hydrogen
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[NiFe] Hydrogenase from Alteromonas macleodii with Unusual Stability in the Presence of Oxygen and High Temperature
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Hydrogen production in nitrogenase mutants in Anabaena variabilis
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Tuning gene activity by inducible and targeted regulation of gene expression in minimal bacterial cells
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Strategies for cloning and manipulating natural and synthetic chromosomes
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Circadian yin-yang regulation and its manipulation to globally reprogram gene expression
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Heterologous expression of Alteromonas macleodii and Thiocapsa roseopersicina [NiFe] hydrogenases in Escherichia coli
PD Weyman, WA Vargas, RY Chuang, Y Chang, HO Smith, Q Xu
Microbiology 157 (5), 1363-1374, 2011
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