Nicolas Veyrie
Nicolas Veyrie
chirurgie générale, digestive et métabolique
Patvirtintas el. paštas
Histopathological algorithm and scoring system for evaluation of liver lesions in morbidly obese patients
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Mutations in the RAS‐MAPK, PI (3) K (phosphatidylinositol‐3‐OH kinase) signaling network correlate with poor survival in a population‐based series of colon cancers
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CD14dimCD16+ and CD14+CD16+ Monocytes in Obesity and During Weight Loss: Relationships With Fat Mass and Subclinical Atherosclerosis
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Post-operative adhesions after digestive surgery: their incidence and prevention: review of the literature
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Anastomotic leakage after elective right versus left colectomy for cancer: prevalence and independent risk factors
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Liquid chromatography− mass spectrometry-based parallel metabolic profiling of human and mouse model serum reveals putative biomarkers associated with the progression of …
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GLUT2 Accumulation in Enterocyte Apical and Intracellular Membranes: A Study in Morbidly Obese Human Subjects and ob/ob and High Fat–Fed Mice
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Late morbidity after colon interposition for corrosive esophageal injury: risk factors, management, and outcome. A 20-years experience
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Bariatric surgery following treatment for craniopharyngioma: a systematic review and individual-level data meta-analysis
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Needle and surgical biopsy techniques differentially affect adipose tissue gene expression profiles
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V Pellegrinelli, C Rouault, N Veyrie, K Clément, D Lacasa
Diabetes 63 (2), 535-549, 2014
Lateral incisional hernia repair by the retromuscular approach with polyester standard mesh: topographic considerations and long-term follow-up of 61 consecutive patients
N Veyrie, T Poghosyan, N Corigliano, G Canard, S Servajean, JL Bouillot
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Indications of laparoscopic general and digestive surgery. Evidence based guidelines of the French society of digestive surgery
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Use of sealants in pancreatic surgery: critical appraisal of the literature
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Similar postoperative safety between primary and revisional gastric bypass for failed gastric banding
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