Abigail Noble
Abigail Noble
Senior Environmental Scientist
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The GEOTRACES intermediate data product 2017
R Schlitzer, RF Anderson, EM Dodas, M Lohan, W Geibert, A Tagliabue, ...
Chemical Geology 493, 210-223, 2018
Vitamin B12 and iron colimitation of phytoplankton growth in the Ross Sea
EM Bertrand, MA Saito, JM Rose, CR Riesselman, MC Lohan, AE Noble, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 52 (3), 1079-1093, 2007
Preparation and antitubercular activities in vitro and in vivo of novel Schiff bases of isoniazid
MJ Hearn, MH Cynamon, MF Chen, R Coppins, J Davis, HJO Kang, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 44 (10), 4169-4178, 2009
Slow-spreading submarine ridges in the South Atlantic as a significant oceanic iron source
MA Saito, AE Noble, A Tagliabue, TJ Goepfert, CH Lamborg, WJ Jenkins
Nature Geoscience 6 (9), 775-779, 2013
The GEOTRACES intermediate data product 2014
E Mawji, R Schlitzer, EM Dodas, C Abadie, W Abouchami, RF Anderson, ...
Marine Chemistry 177, 1-8, 2015
Basin‐scale inputs of cobalt, iron, and manganese from the Benguela‐Angola front to the South Atlantic Ocean
AE Noble, CH Lamborg, DC Ohnemus, PJ Lam, TJ Goepfert, CI Measures, ...
Limnology and oceanography 57 (4), 989-1010, 2012
Anthropogenic lead emissions in the ocean: The evolving global experiment
EA Boyle, JM Lee, Y Echegoyen, A Noble, S Moos, G Carrasco, N Zhao, ...
Oceanography 27 (1), 69-75, 2014
Nitrogen fixation in the South Atlantic Gyre and the Benguela upwelling system
JA Sohm, JA Hilton, AE Noble, JP Zehr, MA Saito, EA Webb
Geophysical Research Letters 38 (16), 2011
Cobalt, manganese, and iron near the Hawaiian Islands: A potential concentrating mechanism for cobalt within a cyclonic eddy and implications for the hybrid-type trace metals
AE Noble, MA Saito, K Maiti, CR Benitez-Nelson
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 55 (10-13), 1473-1490, 2008
Dynamic variability of dissolved Pb and Pb isotope composition from the US North Atlantic GEOTRACES transect
AE Noble, Y Echegoyen-Sanz, EA Boyle, DC Ohnemus, PJ Lam, ...
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 116, 208-225, 2015
A seasonal study of dissolved cobalt in the Ross Sea, Antarctica: micronutrient behavior, absence of scavenging, and relationships with Zn, Cd, and P
MA Saito, TJ Goepfert, AE Noble, EM Bertrand, PN Sedwick, GR DiTullio
Biogeosciences 7 (12), 4059-4082, 2010
Removal of H2S via an iron catalytic cycle and iron sulfide precipitation in the water column of dead end tributaries
S Ma, A Noble, D Butcher, RE Trouwborst, GW Luther III
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 70 (3), 461-472, 2006
Coastal sources, sinks and strong organic complexation of dissolved cobalt within the US North Atlantic GEOTRACES transect GA03
AE Noble, DC Ohnemus, NJ Hawco, PJ Lam, MA Saito
Biogeosciences 14 (11), 2715-2739, 2017
The unique trace metal and mixed layer conditions of the Costa Rica upwelling dome support a distinct and dense community of Synechococcus
NA Ahlgren, A Noble, AP Patton, K Roache‐Johnson, L Jackson, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 59 (6), 2166-2184, 2014
AE Noble, CH Lamborg, DC Ohnemus, PJ Lam, TJ Goepfert
CI, Frame, CH, Casciotti, KL, DiTullio, GR, Jennings, J., and Saito, MA …, 2012
Cobalt scavenging in the mesopelagic ocean and its influence on global mass balance: Synthesizing water column and sedimentary fluxes
NJ Hawco, PJ Lam, JM Lee, DC Ohnemus, AE Noble, NJ Wyatt, ...
Marine Chemistry 201, 151-166, 2018
The acceleration of dissolved cobalt's ecological stoichiometry due to biological uptake, remineralization, and scavenging in the Atlantic Ocean
MA Saito, AE Noble, N Hawco, BS Twining, DC Ohnemus, SG John, ...
Biogeosciences 14 (20), 4637-4662, 2017
Dissolved and particulate trace metal micronutrients under the McMurdo Sound seasonal sea ice: basal sea ice communities as a capacitor for iron
AE Noble, DM Moran, AE Allen, MA Saito
Frontiers in Chemistry 1, 25, 2013
Elevated sources of cobalt in the Arctic Ocean
RM Bundy, A Tagliabue, NJ Hawco, PL Morton, BS Twining, M Hatta, ...
Biogeosciences 17 (19), 4745-4767, 2020
Toxigenicity and biogeography of the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia across distinct environmental regimes in the South Atlantic Ocean
ML Guannel, D Haring, MJ Twiner, Z Wang, AE Noble, PA Lee, MA Saito, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 526, 67-87, 2015
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