Bettye L. Smith
Bettye L. Smith
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Toward greener nanosynthesis
JA Dahl, BLS Maddux, JE Hutchison
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Molecular mechanistic origin of the toughness of natural adhesives, fibres and composites
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Small cantilevers for force spectroscopy of single molecules
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Escherichia coli RNA polymerase activity observed using atomic force microscopy
S Kasas, NH Thomson, BL Smith, HG Hansma, X Zhu, M Guthold, ...
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Biological applications of the AFM: from single molecules to organs
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Systematic evaluation of nanomaterial toxicity: utility of standardized materials and rapid assays
SL Harper, JL Carriere, JM Miller, JE Hutchison, BLS Maddux, ...
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Direct observation of the transition from calcite to aragonite growth as induced by abalone shell proteins
JB Thompson, GT Paloczi, JH Kindt, M Michenfelder, BL Smith, G Stucky, ...
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RMD Stevens, NA Frederick, BL Smith, DE Morse, GD Stucky, ...
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Methods for fabricating and characterizing a new generation of biomimetic materials
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Micromechanical and structural properties of a pennate diatom investigated by atomic force microscopy
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Modification of calcite crystal growth by abalone shell proteins: an atomic force microscope study
DA Walters, BL Smith, AM Belcher, GT Paloczi, GD Stucky, DE Morse, ...
Biophysical Journal 72 (3), 1425-1433, 1997
In vivo biodistribution and toxicity depends on nanomaterial composition, size, surface functionalisation and route of exposure
S Harper, C Usenko, JE Hutchison, BLS Maddux, RL Tanguay
Journal of Experimental Nanoscience 3 (3), 195-206, 2008
Microtubule-dependent oligomerization of tau: implications for physiological tau function and tauopathies
V Makrides, TE Shen, R Bhatia, BL Smith, J Thimm, R Lal, SC Feinstein
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (35), 33298-33304, 2003
Rapid imaging of calcite crystal growth using atomic force microscopy with small cantilevers
GT Paloczi, BL Smith, PK Hansma, DA Walters, MA Wendman
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DNA damage induced by bleomycin, neocarzinostatin, and melphalan in a precisely positioned nucleosome. Asymmetry in protection at the periphery of nucleosome-bound DNA.
BL Smith, GB Bauer, LF Povirk
Journal of Biological Chemistry 269 (48), 30587-30594, 1994
Aerosolized ZnO nanoparticles induce toxicity in alveolar type II epithelial cells at the air-liquid interface
Y Xie, NG Williams, A Tolic, WB Chrisler, JG Teeguarden, BLS Maddux, ...
Toxicological Sciences 125 (2), 450-461, 2012
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