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Ausra Saudargiene
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Statistika su SPSS psichologiniuose tyrimuose: mokomoji knyga
R Vaitkevičius, A Saudargienė
Kaunas: Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas, 2006
Metabolic syndrome, major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and ten-year all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in middle aged and elderly patients
J Butnoriene, A Bunevicius, A Saudargiene, CB Nemeroff, A Norkus, ...
International Journal of Cardiology 190, 360-366, 2015
How the shape of pre-and postsynaptic signals can influence STDP: a biophysical model
A Saudargiene, B Porr, F Wörgötter
Neural Computation 16 (3), 595-625, 2004
Impulsivity mediates associations between problematic internet use, anxiety, and depressive symptoms in students: a cross-sectional COVID-19 study
J Gecaite-Stonciene, A Saudargiene, A Pranckeviciene, V Liaugaudaite, ...
Frontiers in psychiatry 12, 634464, 2021
Psichologinių tyrimų duomenų analizė
R Vaitkevičius, A Saudargienė
Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto leidykla, 2010
Validation of the patient health questionnaire-9 and the generalized anxiety disorder-7 in Lithuanian student sample
A Pranckeviciene, A Saudargiene, J Gecaite-Stonciene, V Liaugaudaite, ...
Plos one 17 (1), e0263027, 2022
Astrocyte-mediated spike-timing-dependent long-term depression modulates synaptic properties in the developing cortex
T Manninen, A Saudargiene, ML Linne
PLoS computational biology 16 (11), e1008360, 2020
A computational study on plasticity during theta cycles at S chaffer collateral synapses on CA1 pyramidal cells in the hippocampus
A Saudargiene, S Cobb, BP Graham
Hippocampus 25 (2), 208-218, 2015
Does presence of metabolic syndrome impact anxiety and depressive disorder screening results in middle aged and elderly individuals? A population based study
J Butnoriene, V Steibliene, A Saudargiene, A Bunevicius
BMC psychiatry 18, 1-10, 2018
Structures of the covariance matrices in the classifier design
Š Raudys, A Saudargiene
Advances in Pattern Recognition: Joint IAPR International Workshops SSPR'98 …, 1998
Analytical solution of spike-timing dependent plasticity based on synaptic biophysics
B Porr, A Saudargiene, F Wörgötter
Advances in neural information processing systems 16, 2003
Local learning rules: predicted influence of dendritic location on synaptic modification in spike-timing-dependent plasticity
A Saudargiene, B Porr, F Wörgötter
Biological cybernetics 92 (2), 128-138, 2005
First-order tree-type dependence between variables and classification performance
S Raudys, A Saudargiene
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 23 (2), 233-239, 2001
Structurization of the covariance matrix by process type and block-diagonal models in the classifier design
A Saudargienė
Informatica 10 (2), 245-269, 1999
Neuron–glia interactions and brain circuits
ML Linne, J Aćimović, A Saudargiene, T Manninen
Computational modelling of the brain: modelling approaches to cells …, 2022
Common genetic variations of deiodinase genes and prognosis of brain tumor patients
A Bunevicius, ER Laws, A Saudargiene, A Tamasauskas, G Iervasi, ...
Endocrine 66, 563-572, 2019
Synaptic modifications depend on synapse location and activity: a biophysical model of STDP
A Saudargiene, B Porr, F Wörgötter
Biosystems 79 (1-3), 3-10, 2005
Inhibitory control of site-specific synaptic plasticity in a model CA1 pyramidal neuron
A Saudargienė, BP Graham
Biosystems 130, 37-50, 2015
The unexplored territory of neural models: Potential guides for exploring the function of metabotropic neuromodulation
ME Hasselmo, AS Alexander, A Hoyland, JC Robinson, MJ Bezaire, ...
Neuroscience 456, 143-158, 2021
Statistika su SPSS psichologiniuose tyrimuose
A Saudargienė, R Vaitkevičius
Kaunas: Vytauto Didţiojo Universiteto leidykla, 2006
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