Barbara Adamik
Barbara Adamik
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Fluid challenges in intensive care: the FENICE study: a global inception cohort study
M Cecconi, C Hofer, JL Teboul, V Pettila, E Wilkman, Z Molnar, ...
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36th international symposium on intensive care and emergency medicine: Brussels, Belgium. 15-18 March 2016
RM Bateman, MD Sharpe, JE Jagger, CG Ellis, J Solé-Violán, ...
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Effect of sepsis and cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass on plasma level of nitric oxide metabolites, neopterin, and procalcitonin: correlation with mortality and …
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Extracellular TNFR1 release requires the calcium-dependent formation of a nucleobindin 2-ARTS-1 complex
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Mitigation and herd immunity strategy for COVID-19 is likely to fail
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Endotoxin elimination in patients with septic shock: an observation study
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Prolonged cardiopulmonary bypass is a risk factor for intestinal ischaemic damage and endotoxaemia
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Fibronectin and its soluble EDA-FN isoform as biomarkers for inflammation and sepsis
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Results of the severe sepsis registry in intensive care units in Poland from 2003− 2009
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Lactoferrin--its role in defense against infection and immunotropic properties
B Adamik, A Właszczyk
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Circulating TNFR1 exosome-like vesicles partition with the LDL fraction of human plasma
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Amino-terminal TACE prodomain attenuates TNFR2 cleavage independently of the cysteine switch
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Lactoferrin effects on the in vitro immune response in critically ill patients.
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Mechanical ventilation in ICUs in Poland: a multi-center point-prevalence study
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Unchanged plasma levels of the soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor in elective coronary artery bypass graft surgery patients and cardiopulmonary bypass use
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Coagulation abnormalities identified by thromboelastometry in patients with severe sepsis: the relationship to endotoxemia and mortality
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An association between RBMX, a heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein, and ARTS-1 regulates extracellular TNFR1 release
B Adamik, A Islam, FN Rouhani, FI Hawari, J Zhang, SJ Levine
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End-of-life attitudes of intensive care physicians in Poland: results of a national survey
A Kübler, B Adamik, M Lipinska-Gediga, J Kedziora, L Strozecki
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Relationship between the Clinical Frailty Scale and short-term mortality in patients≥ 80 years old acutely admitted to the ICU: a prospective cohort study
J Fronczek, K Polok, DW De Lange, C Jung, M Beil, A Rhodes, J Fjølner, ...
Critical Care 25, 1-9, 2021
Frailty increases mortality among patients≥ 80 years old treated in Polish ICUs
J Fronczek, K Polok, I Nowak-Kózka, A Włudarczyk, J Górka, M Czuczwar, ...
Anaesthesiology intensive therapy 50 (4), 2018
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