Anna Napoli
Anna Napoli
Dipartimento di Chimica e Tecnologie Chimiche
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Statin-like Principles of Bergamot Fruit (Citrus bergamia): Isolation of 3-Hydroxymethylglutaryl Flavonoid Glycosides
L Di Donna, G De Luca, F Mazzotti, A Napoli, R Salerno, D Taverna, ...
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Assay of the set of all Sudan azodye (I, II, III, IV, and Para-Red) contaminating agents by liquid chromatography− tandem mass spectrometry and isotope dilution methodology
F Mazzotti, L Di Donna, L Maiuolo, A Napoli, R Salerno, A Sajjad, ...
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Determination by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry of p-phenylenediamine in hair dyes after conversion to an imine derivative
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Journal of chromatography A 1066 (1-2), 143-148, 2005
“One-Pot” Methylation of N-Nosyl-α-amino Acid Methyl Esters with Diazomethane and Their Coupling To Prepare N-Methyl Dipeptides
ML Di Gioia, A Leggio, A Le Pera, A Liguori, A Napoli, C Siciliano, ...
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A rapid method for the assay of methylxanthines alkaloids: Theobromine, theophylline and caffeine, in cocoa products and drugs by paper spray tandem mass spectrometry
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Food chemistry 278, 261-266, 2019
Evaluation of dialdehydic anti-inflammatory active principles in extra-virgin olive oil by reactive paper spray mass spectrometry
F Mazzotti, L Di Donna, D Taverna, M Nardi, D Aiello, A Napoli, ...
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Multisite phosphorylation of c-Jun at threonine 91/93/95 triggers the onset of c-Jun pro-apoptotic activity in cerebellar granule neurons
CE Reddy, L Albanito, P De Marco, D Aiello, M Maggiolini, A Napoli, ...
Cell death & disease 4 (10), e852-e852, 2013
Rapid assay of resveratrol in red wine by paper spray tandem mass spectrometry and isotope dilution
L Di Donna, D Taverna, S Indelicato, A Napoli, G Sindona, F Mazzotti
Food chemistry 229, 354-357, 2017
Multistage mass spectrometry in quality, safety and origin of foods
D Aiello, D De Luca, E Gionfriddo, A Naccarato, A Napoli, E Romano, ...
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Determination of substituent effects on the proton affinities of natural nucleosides by the kinetic method
A Liguori, A Napoli, G Sindona, RG Cooks
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An insight on type I collagen from horse tendon for the manufacture of implantable devices
L Salvatore, N Gallo, D Aiello, P Lunetti, A Barca, L Blasi, M Madaghiele, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 154, 291-306, 2020
A rapid MALDI MS/MS based method for assessing saffron (Crocus sativus L.) adulteration
D Aiello, C Siciliano, F Mazzotti, L Di Donna, CM Athanassopoulos, ...
Food chemistry 307, 125527, 2020
Assay of tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol in olive oil by tandem mass spectrometry and isotope dilution method
F Mazzotti, H Benabdelkamel, L Di Donna, L Maiuolo, A Napoli, ...
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High-throughput assay of oleopentanedialdheydes in extra virgin olive oil by the UHPLC− ESI-MS/MS and isotope dilution methods
L Di Donna, H Benabdelkamel, F Mazzotti, A Napoli, M Nardi, G Sindona
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Exploitation of endogenous protease activity in raw mastitic milk by MALDI-TOF/TOF
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A major allergen in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): complete sequences of parvalbumin by MALDI tandem mass spectrometry
D Aiello, S Materazzi, R Risoluti, H Thangavel, L Di Donna, F Mazzotti, ...
Molecular BioSystems 11 (8), 2373-2382, 2015
Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomic Approach in Oenococcus oeni Enological Starter
A Napoli, D Aiello, G Aiello, MS Cappello, L Di Donna, F Mazzotti, ...
Journal of Proteome Research 13 (6), 2856-2866, 2014
Comprehensive assay of flavanones in citrus juices and beverages by UHPLC–ESI-MS/MS and derivatization chemistry
L Di Donna, D Taverna, F Mazzotti, H Benabdelkamel, M Attya, A Napoli, ...
Food chemistry 141 (3), 2328-2333, 2013
Study of [2-(2′-pyridyl) imidazole] complexes to confirm two main characteristic thermoanalytical behaviors of transition metal complexes based on imidazole derivatives
R Risoluti, D Piazzese, A Napoli, S Materazzi
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 117, 82-87, 2016
Secondary metabolism of olive secoiridoids. New microcomponents detected in drupes by electrospray ionization and high‐resolution tandem mass spectrometry
L Di Donna, F Mazzotti, A Napoli, R Salerno, A Sajjad, G Sindona
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry: An International Journal Devoted …, 2007
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