Morris R. Flynn
Morris R. Flynn
Associate professor of mechanical engineering, U. Alberta
Patvirtintas el. paštas - Pagrindinis puslapis
Underwater breathing: the mechanics of plastron respiration
MR Flynn, JWM Bush
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 608, 275-296, 2008
Self-sustained nonlinear waves in traffic flow
MR Flynn, AR Kasimov, JC Nave, RR Rosales, B Seibold
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Formation and stability of oxygen‐rich bubbles that shape photosynthetic mats
T Bosak, JWM Bush, MR Flynn, B Liang, S Ono, AP Petroff, MS Sim
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Internal wave excitation by a vertically oscillating sphere
MR Flynn, K Onu, BR Sutherland
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Constructing set-valued fundamental diagrams from jamiton solutions in second order traffic models
B Seibold, MR Flynn, AR Kasimov, RR Rosales
arXiv preprint arXiv:1204.5510, 2012
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P Echeverri, MR Flynn, KB Winters, T Peacock
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MR Flynn, BR Sutherland
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Intrusive gravity currents
MR Flynn, PF Linden
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 568, 193-202, 2006
Schlieren measurement of axisymmetric internal wave amplitudes
K Onu, MR Flynn, BR Sutherland
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S Li, A Moradi, B Vickers, MR Flynn
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A study of in situ burning of crude oil in an ice channel
PW Bellino, AS Rangwala, MR Flynn
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Journal of Fluid Mechanics 652, 195-205, 2010
Natural ventilation in interconnected chambers
MR Flynn, CP Caulfield
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 564, 139-158, 2006
Gravity currents propagating up a slope
LJ Marleau, MR Flynn, BR Sutherland
Physics of Fluids 26 (4), 2014
Internal wave excitation from a collapsing mixed region
BR Sutherland, MR Flynn, K Dohan
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Experimental and numerical analysis of a methane thermal decomposition reactor
D Paxman, S Trottier, MR Flynn, L Kostiuk, M Secanell
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (40), 25166-25184, 2017
Numerical analysis of a counter-flow wet cooling tower and its plume
A Zargar, A Kodkani, A Peris, E Clare, J Cook, P Karupothula, B Vickers, ...
International Journal of Thermofluids 14, 100139, 2022
Filling box flows in porous media
CK Sahu, MR Flynn
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 782, 455-478, 2015
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