Alexandru Patriciu
Alexandru Patriciu
Philips Research North America
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A new type of motor: pneumatic step motor
D Stoianovici, A Patriciu, D Petrisor, D Mazilu, L Kavoussi
IEEE/ASME Transactions On Mechatronics 12 (1), 98-106, 2007
“MRI Stealth” robot for prostate interventions
D Stoianovici, D Song, D Petrisor, D Ursu, D Mazilu, M Mutener, M Schar, ...
Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies 16 (4), 241-248, 2007
AcuBot: a robot for radiological interventions
D Stoianovici, K Cleary, A Patriciu, D Mazilu, A Stanimir, N Craciunoiu, ...
IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation 19 (5), 927-930, 2003
System for robotically assisted prostate biopsy and therapy with intraoperative CT guidance
G Fichtinger, TL DeWeese, A Patriciu, A Tanacs, D Mazilu, JH Anderson, ...
Academic Radiology 9 (1), 60-74, 2002
System for robotically assisted percutaneous procedures with computed tomography guidance
K Masamune, G Fichtinger, A Patriciu, RC Susil, RH Taylor, LR Kavoussi, ...
Computer Aided Surgery 6 (6), 370-383, 2001
Robotically driven interventions: a method of using CT fluoroscopy without radiation exposure to the physician
SB Solomon, A Patriciu, ME Bohlman, LR Kavoussi, D Stoianovici
Radiology 225 (1), 277-282, 2002
Robotic percutaneous access to the kidney: comparison with standard manual access
LM Su, D Stoianovici, TW Jarrett, A Patriciu, WW Roberts, JA Cadeddu, ...
Journal of Endourology 16 (7), 471-475, 2002
Device and method for medical training and evaluation
D Stoianovici, D Mazilu, A Patriciu, LR Kavoussi
US Patent 8,403,675, 2013
Automatic brachytherapy seed placement under MRI guidance
A Patriciu, D Petrisor, M Muntener, D Mazilu, M Schar, D Stoianovici
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 54 (8), 1499-1506, 2007
Magnetic resonance imaging compatible robotic system for fully automated brachytherapy seed placement
M Muntener, A Patriciu, D Petrisor, D Mazilu, H Bagga, L Kavoussi, ...
Urology 68 (6), 1313-1317, 2006
System and method for robot targeting under fluoroscopy based on image servoing
D Stoianovici, A Patriciu, LR Kavoussi
US Patent 7,008,373, 2006
Transperineal Prostate Intervention
M Muntener, A Patriciu, D Petrisor, M Schär, D Ursu, DY Song, ...
Radiology 247 (2), 543-549, 2008
Transperineal Prostate Intervention: Robot for Fully Automated MR Imaging—System Description and Proof of Principle in a Canine Model1
M Muntener, A Patriciu, D Petrisor, M Schar, D Ursu, DY Song, ...
Radiology 247 (2), 543-549, 2008
Robotically assisted prostate brachytherapy with transrectal ultrasound guidance—Phantom experiments
G Fichtinger, EC Burdette, A Tanacs, A Patriciu, D Mazilu, LL Whitcomb, ...
Brachytherapy 5 (1), 14-26, 2006
Is telesurgery a new reality? Our experience with laparoscopic and percutaneous procedures
P Bove, D Stoianovici, S Micali, A Patriciu, N Grassi, TW Jarrett, ...
Journal of endourology 17 (3), 137-142, 2003
Motion-based robotic instrument targeting under C-Arm fluoroscopy
A Patriciu, D Stoianovici, LL Whitcomb, T Jarrett, D Mazilu, A Stanimir, ...
International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted …, 2000
Telementoring between Brazil and the United States: initial experience
N Rodrigues Netto Jr, AI Mitre, SVC Lima, OE Fugita, M Lopes Lima, ...
Journal of endourology 17 (4), 217-220, 2003
Technology insight: telementoring and telesurgery in urology
B Challacombe, L Kavoussi, A Patriciu, D Stoianovici, P Dasgupta
Nature Reviews Urology 3 (11), 611, 2006
Rotating needle driver and apparatuses and methods related thereto
D Stoianovici, D Petrisor, D Mazilu, A Patriciu, LG Gruionu
US Patent 9,610,131, 2017
Multi-imager compatible robot for image-guided interventions and fully automated brachytherapy seed
D Stoianovici, A Patriciu, D Mazilu, D Petrisor, LR Kavoussi
US Patent App. 12/085,972, 2010
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